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Fujimi Mad Police model kits. Post Apocalyptic Police!


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Most of you following the P.A. Community build, or interested in the genre have probably heard about these kits by now. Originally issued around 1984 by Fujimi, apparently to cash in on the Road Warrior phenomenon, which spawned many B grade movie imitators.
Fujimi released 4 kits in the Mad Police series, Destroyer, a Nissan Cedric. Interceptor, a 79-82 Pontiac Trans Am. Venus, a MkII Celica-Supra (Celica XX). And Farcon (engrish misspelling of Falcon), a Nissan Leopard. All shared some common elements, and had armor and some sort of weaponry.
This is my unboxing of The Destroyer, the most common of the 4 kits. There is a bit of flash, especially for a Japanese kit. The black plastic is kinda brittle. The mold for the Cedric body is damaged, as both the one I bought in 85, and this one 3 months ago that shipped from Hong Kong have a wavy trunk lid and trim. On a pristine car, this would be a troublesome fix, but on this type of car it can pass as physical damage to the actual car. The body in this kit comes in either white, or green. My old kit came with a white body, and this one is cast in green.
These kits are curbside, and come with the motors and electrical connections to power the motor. The directions show you how to run lights, but are not included.
The box art. All of the paintings are well detailed and look quite nice.
The body and armored chassis.
Dash and machine gun.
"Clear" parts. Painting the police lights is a pain with this dark glass..
Interior parts,and battery box & switches.
Figures and headlight light armor. The flat louvers are used in the Interceptor and Farcon kits.
Fender armor, also used on the Farcon
Tires, motor and electrical connections. The tires are unique, in that one side says Goodyear, and the other, Dunlop. Not sure that would fly with todays licensing agreements.

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The same wheels are used on the Trans Am, it has the armor on the front wheels.
The Celica and Trans Am share the front wheel armor, the two Nissans share the rear wheel armor. The Celica and Leopard share the same wheels, with a different shredder configuration.

That's what I guessed as well - however, the rear wheels are inside the armor :0

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Tires, motor and electrical connections. The tires are unique, in that one side says Goodyear, and the other, Dunlop. Not sure that would fly with todays licensing agreements.

May not be as much of an issue in this case; Goodyear and Dunlop are the same company.

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These were released almost 30 years ago (1983?), and being Japanese kits, they would be imports nearly everywhere else. The Destroyer/Cedric is the only one that shows up on ebay with any regularity, maybe a 2-3 times a year. I've only seen the others on Ebay a few times total. I'm still looking, so don't bid against me! :angry:

Due to the scarcity, I made my own version of the Interceptor, and will probably make my own version of the Venus in the future.


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I forgot to add these at first, but it's the first page of the instructions. It would be cool if anyone could translate the "story". Also the decals. I put these in the window for two days to help bleach out the yellowing, and coated them with Future before using. I couldnt read the warning labels with the naked eye, but with a magnifying glass they are aircraft ejection seat labels... :rolleyes:



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I really love seeing what is in the box with kits like this with all the wild box art and stuff. this one has some pretty kool armaments that could be used in dioramas, like that sawed off shotgun. thanks for showing them off, I had never seen any of this series and they are definitely different!


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My bad, it is a 200SX, or a 110 Silvia, not a 240 SX.

I think it is a Z10 Toyota Soarer.

I own the Destroyer kit, while a friend of mine owns the Destroyer as well as the Interceptor.

Since it is impossible (unless one is rich, what we aren't) to get all those kits together, let alone devalue them by building them,

we have plans to clone them.

As I said, we believe the Farcon is based on a Toyota Soarer Z10.

All the base models have been reissued by Fujimi several times, however, at the moment, only the Celica XX (or Supra) is current.

The others aren't that difficult to obtain, though, and we mean in base form. So altogether four Fujimi kits are required:

- Pontiac Trans Am - this may be relatively difficult, but it could be substituted with the current Revell 78 3in1 kit if need be, since that's in reality a reissue of the 1/24 Monogram tool.

But the Fujimi is actually very nicely proportioned and shaped, so well worth searching for (and consequently spending more than you intended).

- Nissan Cedric 430 - if everything fails, the same car is available as an Aoshima kit at the moment. It could even be made from the same tool, since mutual tool leasing is common practice in Japan.

- Toyota Celica XX (or Supra) - this is not at all challenging to get, almost boring.

- Toyota Soarer Z10 - this is a tad more difficult, but they do pop up fairly regularly on Ebay.

Please correct me if I'm wrong!

We would then try to resin-cast the extra bits from the Mad Police kits, or convince a resin caster to do it for us.

Maybe you could help us 'lobbying' the owner of The Parts Box in Australia?

Since between my friend and myself, we only have the same set of extra parts, we are looking for someone who has the 'other' set,

which was included in the Venus and Farcon kits and indeed comprises wheels in reverse Swastika design. We would appreciate if he could lend us a set of those parts for casting.

We can guarantee that the parts will not be harmed in any way during the process, and will be returned in the same condition we got them.

Suitable lightbars are currently available from Fujimi and Aoshima as parts packs, and the rest could be kitbashed and scratchbuilt as you like.

Whatcha think?

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I would not, unfortunately, be interested personally in those parts, just because the subject matter doesn't do much for me beyond curiosity's sake, but I would encourage you to follow up on this and do indeed find someone to cast them for you. its kind of a stroke of genius really, and could possibly sell really well, especially in Asia. I think I might consider, if I were doing it, one kit to do all the cars, parts not available separately. that would encourage those who had wanted to build one car to then go out and buy further kits to convert to the "mad police" (not something I typically advocate and hopefully the fujimi "mad police" won't get too upset about it!) format. on the other hand, separate kits for separate cars might be better, considering they all have different wheels.

is the chassis of these also different from the base models? did you show a pic of an armored undercarriage? would that be included in your planned resin kit? if so that's a pretty major chunk of resin so the "all in one" thing above definitely wouldn't work...


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S110 Silvia:


I tried to add pictures of some Toyota Soarer Z10s for comparison, but the forum doesn't like my links...

I've built Tamiya's Z10 Soarer.

This is a Z10:


Compare with the Farcon:


What makes me think Soarer is the front turn signals, slope of the front panel, side window arrangement and lack of ribs in the B-pillar.

Those things ultimately got me to doubt Silvia and favour Soarer.

I hope someone having the kit will chime in to clarify this.

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You know what my favourite part, is?

While these kits are definitely cool and weird in a Japanese-distorted-view-of-Western-trends way (which they are), the best is that they are moulded in


What? Scale changes when you're angry? well, the Hulk does bulk up, so maybe.

So awesome, I love these things. I will never own them, but I love them anyway!

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Here are some of the only pics I've been able to find of the actual Farcon kit, asembled. You can get a good look at the 1/4 windows and the rear of the car. The gun used looks nothing like what is pictured with the kit. Looks like they used a recoiless rifle from an Army jeep or something.




My Z10




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Here are some of the only pics I've been able to find of the actual Farcon kit, asembled. You can get a good look at the 1/4 windows and the rear of the car.




Oh no.

That's a Nissan F30 Leopard TR-X.



Rare as hen's teeth, at least the Fujimi kit.

The Tamiya is a bit more common, though.


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