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Cruz and the many others who've given painting advice...

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After the struggle I went through on JerrysCherrys figuring out how to post pictures, I doubt I'll dive into Photobucket for a while. However, if you're a member there, go to the "help" forum and you finally find a thread from me with thumbnails of 4 shots of my car. If you click on them, you'll see the body, engine, driver's compartment and finally the total build shot.

After following directions, I shot 3-4 coats of clear and it was on the last one the clear bubbled from shooting too close, almost like soap after washing your hands. I failed at wet sanding with 12000 as the clear wasn't set. Luckily, the thing causing the problem (pactra gold striping) which hung the clear from slowly dissolving down the side of the driver's door was stripped off and I reapplied a different pattern which covered the mess.

I'm hoping for one more shot at a body offered for shipping only and I intend to drop the striping and simply paint it Purlplicious. Either way, for a 2nd build in 45 years I think the end result isn't a total loss. I'm adding coiled wire for NOS and transbrake to the steering wheel in the meantime while I wait for the new body and perhaps SMBC harnesses for both seats. Thanks for all the help and advice!





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