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1987 Camaro IROC-Z


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I have always wanted to make a model to match my actual car. My buddy Steve Smiley (Terminator-Fox) gave me an MPC Camaro IROC kit. I couldn't have been more excited. I am still early in making models. This is just my 5th. I had to get a C5 Corvette kit to get the matching wheels and brake kit. This is my first time mashing up kits to make one kit. It was a fun and also frustrating journey. It turned out pretty good and I am satisfied with it. I started with what I thought my car color was which is flame red, but this was no where near the color of my car. I ended up using the color call mystical maroon. The decals were custom made Joseph Osborn from Fireball Modelworks. If anyone has any decals needs be sure to contact this guy! He was such a help. Well Enjoy:

My Car:









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Looks great. Now if your real car sat like the model it would be killer....

Thanks! Yeah I agree! The car is stored in a basement garage while I am finishing college this year. To get it out there it is a steep driveway and would be stuck if it were any lower! That is first on my agenda once I get another place to store it!

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You did a great job replicating your 1:1 and an excellent build of that kit. I had it when it first came out and almost cut my thumb off trying to turn it into a convertible. :o Glad to see yours didn't get slammed against a wall like mine did. :lol:

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