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Does anyone know the colors of the Hideout Truck? I'm talking about the rear end, and all underneath. I found a couple pics of the frame, battery box ect (white) Is the total underneath of this truck white? ( frame, axel's, steering linkage, drive shafts ect? Any help with info would be great.

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You are welcome to share what you find out...I believe there are more of us who like to know for sure.

But I would guess that if the frame, battery box and so on is white everything else would be the same color, the 8V-92T engine could be either white or silver, white as Kenworth and Peterbilt often had white engines and silver was the original Detroit Diesel 92 series color

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I'm not sure, but since the trucks were painted like the trucks they hauled, I'd guess the frame and running gear on the Hideout Truck would be light blue like the frame of the Bandag Bandit.


Sorry, but that is the best pic of the bottom colors of the Bandit I have, it was on display at the 2012 Walcott Trucker's Jamboree and is on display at the Iowa 80 truck stop's trucking museum.

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The race trucks had light blue chassis and red engines but that doesn't go for the transporters, they were more for work than show as they rolled many thousands of miles transporting the race trucks all over the country and even over in Europe a couple of times, so they weren't detailed as much as the show and race trucks were.

The Papa Truck was built on a 1976 VIT 200 Bicentennial Edition and had a pale gold chassis wich is the same as all the other Bicentennial Edition KW trucks had...I have never seen a photo of the Detroit Diesel 8V-92T engine in the Papa Truck but the engine could be either white as most KW's had white engines up to 1975, and some even after that...or silver as most Detroit Diesel 8V-92T engines was painted silver from the factory, and the Detroit 92 engines were called "The Silver 92 Series" due to that fact.

The Hideout Truck was a 1978 and had appearently a white chassis as we can see in the picture...but I don't know where you see red on the engine because I don't, rust oil and dirt yes but no red except for the filters on the frame, the engine block, heads and supercharger looks to be silvergray with chromed rocker covers.

I have saved a couple of other photos on my hard drive from some time ago, one is the same as yours but larger, and another one from the same series, and the engine looks as I said to be painted silvergray to me based on those photos.

Click on the links, I couldn't hotlink them here as they were too large for this forum, the photos are from Ken Harris Fotki albums but I had to host them on my own photohost to get the large resolution, click on the + in the lower right corner a couple of times to get the original size of the picture so you can see better.



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Of course you do as you please, it's your model, I just try to help out.

I have liked Tyrone Malone's race trucks and transporters since I first saw them in a couple of Swedish magazines back in 1981 when he did his first European tour.

I liked the look of the trucks so much so I bought my first Tyrone Malone kits, the Super Boss and the Papa Truck, around 1982 but missed out on the other two due to lack of funds and availability of the kits where I live, I only had my monthly allowance from my parents back then as I still went to school so I didn't have the money to buy them when I had the only chance to do so, I have later searched for and bought both the Bandag Bandit and Hideout Truck kits, and my collection of the AMT Tyrone Malone trucks is complete since some years back.

I have done some research and collected every photo and bit of information I can find of the trucks...and still do...to be able to build as correct replicas of the trucks as I can myself when I get at it.

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