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Recommendations for plug/ignition wire

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I`m sure there are many topics about it but i would like to know what you poeple recomend.

I dont have any i_phone chargers to butcher for wire,and have to buy aftermarket.

So far i only have one product i like (wich i have forgot the name on). The others

like Scale Repro Plus and Hobby Design are way to stiff.

To put it easy,is there any wire that are more soft and easy to bend?

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A lot of us over here use beading wire (for necklaces) in .013"-.015" (for 1/24-1/25 scale) available from craft stores.

Craft stores here usually have a wide variety of beading wire in various colors, diameters and flexibility.

Electronics supply outlets also sell fine copper wire in similar diameters.

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.030 gauge wrapping wire to be exact.

To avoid confusion, I believe you mean 30 gage, which has a .012" OD, plus the coating which probably brings it up to about .015".

.32mm or about .0126" is correct 1/25 scale for 8mm plug wires, a very common size. Slightly larger for high-performance, slightly smaller for older factory ignitions. Pretty close anyway.

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