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LMBO, yeah I get those from time to time, the idea, Pot Luck Winner Build Off, a build off where the builder brings the prize to the table, yeah, it could be a gift card, cash, parts, kits, wheels, whatever, each builder that enters would have a choice as to what they want to bring to the pot luck prize chest, only the builders tho, and to be fair, only the builders can vote, yeah I understand there would be some trust involved, the builder would announce their pot luck prize, prior to signing up, if it's parts, or a kit, even re-builders, doesn't need to be a new kit, but enough of the kit to at least finish it, or rebuild it, then they would need to show pics, cash or gift card, say no more then 25.00 max ?, the rules are simple enough, build whatever, however ya want. a kinda free for all, but once ya sign up, ya cant back out, if ya do ya lose what ya brought to the table, no prior builds, no builds already posted here or anywhere else, doesn't have to be a new kit, just not one posted already, must show progress shots, and what yer gonna build, say take what, 2 weeks? to decide what it is yer gonna build, sign up, say and/or show what yer throwing into the pot luck chest. post the pic's, then from there say take what?, 90 days to build, then open the polls for voting, maybe call it Builders Pot Luck Build off, but I must stress, ya can only win, or vote, if ya enter, just an idea.
So lemme kno how ya all feel about this......
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I think that sounds awesome, you will have some people who never deliver on their contributed prize, etc. but you'd have to acknowledge that it just comes with the territory. I am game.

Lol, yea that's to be expected, but those kinda people, well would live with them selves, it's the people who are honest, that would actually make it work, and really, there some honest builders out there, that I think would enjoy something like this, I mean ok ya joined in, ya show what yer building, and the prize ya personally think is worth it, just have to remember, other people will fallow in example, say I come to the table with ohhhhhh? 25.00 gift card to hobby lobby, ya think people would bring a box of rice crispy's? prolly, but eventually the BS guys would weed them selves out of the build off, as they prizes would be better, those who want to have fun, and are not full of BS would be the ones standing in the end, and I know there are some great builder's out there, the weeding out would take care of itself, as to win ya would have to bring more then just your A game, but all skill levels of building, and all would be welcome to join, just one massive free for all, for prizes worth winning, could even break it down to bracket's, from say novice, to master, enough people join, could sort prizes for those brackets, so that way every body would feel comfortable in the build off, just post your name, the bracket ya wanna be in, only one per person, prize, and build, and if yer just that so low life of a person, to enter novice, as a pro that would be wrong, but I have a plan, for just that kinda person, as I myself will be controling the whole thing, I have been building well over 40 years, and if I catch it, guess what? yer done, and judgement is swift and finale, all I got to say about those kinda people, and thats for all brackets, just a lil further thought.

Bracket= classes, sorry.

And really if people don't come thru with there prizes, what has the builder lost, the honest ones will fallow thru, and the builder get's to take his/her building to either the next level, or the extreem, I myself would so build my arse off for what?, a gift card, or a couple, and a few kit's, with say 8-10.00 worth of good parts, from a couple of people, and nice modern wheels and tires, couple of really good re-builders, just to twist things up a lil, that's why it's up to the builder to decide what to bring to the pot luck.

And those that are full of it, there really is no need to go out and bash on'em, like BigBluesd says, "come's with the territory"

Classes would be like Novice, (still going thru the learning stages of building, finger print here and there, glue pimple,) that kinda stuff Mid Level, (Those that are a lil more advanced in their building, few mistakes, cleaner build's) stuff like that, Pro, those guys who just have to make it right, then Master, these are the guys who do massive scratch building, and don't believe in in say photo etch, they just scratch it

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well what if you not sure as to the class you should be because ive been building since i was like 8 or 9 and iam 22 now but i still make mistakes here and there but i think my build look alright but mt build my not have the most detail (most are box stock)

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only the builders can vote

Aside from the difficulties you've discussed, this is the biggest hurdle I foresee.

We do a poll every year (open to all) for the Cannonball CBP. Every time I have a model completed, I vote for myself. Even with no prizes on the line. I'm sure there are others that don't but I'll bet most do. If you have eight builders and everyone votes for themselves, who wins? If one guy knows he's skunked and votes for Joe Shmo, Joe wins with two votes. Is that fair? The only way to make this anywhere close to fair, is to open it up to public voting here on the forums.

What is the time frame here? Two months? A year? The Cannonball runs for a year and we have a decent completion rate among the particapants. If the time frame is long enough, I might be interested.

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