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I thank you all so very much for your very kind and encouraging words.

Ron, while I wanted this to be an "old school Custom" I also wanted to "modernize it" a bit, hence the dual bowl master cylinder with booster, 4 wheel disc brakes, alternator and 12 volt battery.

Harry, thanks so much. Actually, I'm more proud and happy that I was finally able to beat this thing into submission and finally get it together. The paint job and engine room detailing are probably close to the best I've done. If I could get ALL of my models to come out this good I'd really be happy.

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While I am not usually a fan of customs, I have to say that this one really does appeal to me! your workmanship is always good Rich and this car has to be one of your best to date. I do like that blue with the white pinstriping and the detail is awesome! You obviously have many hours on this build and the love and care shows in the finished product. AAAA++++

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Gary, thank you so very much for your very kind words. Yes I wound up putting a LOT of extra time in on this model especially with all of the disassembling and reassembling several times in order to finally get it together properly. Coming back to it after several months with a fresh outlook and renewed interest and patience was the key to my eventual success.

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