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1985 Toyota AE86

Lucas van H

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Hi guys.

Last week I started a new build. I chose the Aoshima Corolla AE86 with a couple of extras. The reason I chose this model is because it has an engine, which I wanted to detail as good as possible for me. Note: This is the first time I worked with carbon foil, leather stickers and various other things.


First I modded some seats from a Revell Audi R8 so that they would fit. I had the aoshima drift parts set in my order, but got a message that they weren't available.


Then I covered them in leather, at first it's pretty tricky, but once you get the hang of making templates it works allright. (Note: The edges have all been painted satin black now.)


Foiled the hood, the carbon was easier than I had imagined.


The wheels: I chose for wide 15'' RS Watanabe wheels, in my opinion the best wheels for this car.


Body painted black for the stripes.


Engine with plug boots.


The red is on, my dad's appartment has a gas heater which is ideal to dry paint on when you set it on there. Just make sure to not overheat the spray can.


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Chassis painted.


Stance on the front wheels, still need to touch up the paint.



Rear wheels are not connected to the axle, the body is just leaning on it.


Plug wires connected to the valve cover.


Engine in the car.


I got the rear axle in place, needed to modify the wheels a bit so they would bing down the width of the complete assembly, also the new exhaust in place.


Made some progress on the wiring and plumbing:




So far for now. Let me know what you think.


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