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Ss/ah 68 Dart In Progress


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:blink: cool, you can move the carbs in little more i think they got it down to a 3 inch offset now :rolleyes: ...................................i could be wrong lol

Your close, minimum stager is the primaries have to be inline with each other. There is a drawing on NHRA web site, but I can't find it now.

Anyway, this is the intake I'm making for the Dart. Notice how the primaries are inline.



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I like it a lot, but wouldn't it be a little scary as a passanger to get in and watch the driver buckle up and then go to reach for your belts and cant find any, then the driver just looks at you and tells you to hang on! haha

oh my gosh thats too funny! But sadly it kinda sounds like something some of my friends from my teen years would have done (i was kinda into tuners back then)

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