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Does anyone know of a good kit source for these?

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Is Scratch building out of the question? It looks like a pretty basic shape you could bend out of wire hammer the ends to flatten so you can drill a hole add a pin and paint .because I can't think of where I've seen them in a kit.

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since hardware comes in a myriad of sizes, the above links might be your solution(s)

if not, two other suggestions:

ask here - http://offroadmodels.proboards.com/ - you'll probably need to register

and check with aftermarket big rig suppliers.


btw: original picture is "bow" shackle

Ozark Miniatures also has a listing - but no pictures http://www.ozarkminiatures.com/scripts/prodList.asp

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I'd bet I cold pop out quite a few rather quickly using solder for the shackle and a straight pin from the sewing section at hobby lobby. As it was stated earlier.

Check larger scale train detail parts like G gauge and O-gauge. I don't recall precisely, but one of those is really close to 1:24

Check Micro-Mark, they have a bunch of detailing accessories like that for trains and most other hobbies.

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Try KFS in England. They have just what you are looking for. And possibly more!! :-) And Howard is great to deal with.

I do not have the link handy. But if you do a search on google it will come up.

Be Well


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