Issue #203

Inside Issue #203 Dr. Cranky’s Lab-RAT-ory Anatomy of a Rat Evolution of the Automobile, Part I Tim Boyd builds a…

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Issue #202

Inside our Annual Contest Issue! Show coverage from all over the country! 80 pages of full color coverage of some…

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Issue #201

Inside the January 2016 Issue: Down ‘n’ Dirty Steve Perry’s 1/25 scale dirt bikes Cool Colors Atlanta Southern NNL show…

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Issue #200

Inside Issue #200 Plenty Of Plymouth Potential Tool Time Scratchbuilding School, converting a crew cab to a single cab Commercial…

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Issue #199

Inside Issue #199 Chrome Plating 101 Moebius’ New 1961 Ventura Never In Styrene: Preston Tucker’s ill-fated “48” Fisher Body, The…

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2018 Update

Yes, the magazine is still late. It’s the end of January, 2018, and I had hoped to have #205 at the printer by now. I’m about three days away from that goal, so that’s a good thing! If I keep up this blazing schedule, I’ll be able to do the six issues this year, and start on the Annual Contest Issue, which will be a stand-alone issue. Remember, I’m doing everything myself, from the mag, the bookkeeping, data, subscribers/circulation, ad sales, dealer sales, web site, everything but the forum. So, please, have some patience. I have been getting a lot of requests for refunds, and if you paid me, or rather Model Cars Magazine, LLC, and not Golden Bell, I will honor your request, delete all your info, data, and sadly, access, and send you back your pro-rated subscription monies. I can’t refund any Golden Bell Press subs, I never received those monies.

Thank you, everyone, who has sent emails of support. I will make this work, even with back surgery #8 now being scheduled. I will have to go through one more round of injections in March, then probably set up surgery for May or June.

So, Mahalo Nui Loa.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Issue #205 will be one of the last issues with Harry’s work in it, and it’s been real sad working on this issue. Every time I open up one of his layouts, I see him. Miss you my friend!

Meng Jeep Rubicon

Mengʻs New 1/24 Scale Jeep Rubicon

Mengʻs new Jeep Rubicon is here. And, like the Ford F-350 they released previously, itʻs very-well done! There is no motor, itʻs basically curb-side, but we know that this will be a model that will be built up more ways that we can count! Check out the

photos to see whatʻs in the box!