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64 Impala - first kit for a few years

04 January 2013 - 11:27 AM

I've been out of modelling for 5 years or so, making the house nice and being a daddy. Now the kids are older I can get back to it. So, first kit back in is an AMT 64 Impala. This is a beauty, metal axles that go through the block too!


Anyway, I needed a quick build to get me going again and this is it. First up, a drop of paint on the body. Raiding the rattle can collection yielded some Volkswagen orange and some wheel silver, so on they went.




Lots of lovely orange peel. Nice. I gave it a quick going over with some 3600 grade paper. This is going to be a quick build to get me going, not a contest winner.


Then I wanted some detail on the roof. I deliberately used silver on the roof to give a good background for the next stage:








I'm happy with that. Now, I need some clear over all that before I move on to the bare metal foil.


Please, anyone, if the images are too big (1000px wide) can you tell me. I'm using a PC for the first time and it does strange things to what I see on screen. My familiar territory is Mac which doesn't do things I don't ask it to!

55 gasser

19 December 2012 - 03:40 AM

Hello all,

I love to draw using Adobe Illustrator, mostly my job entails boring graphic design so occasionally I stretch myself and produce something like this:



Drawn over a photograph of the real car with a bit of artistic licence thrown in.


Oh, and this one too:


'Olds 442 W30 rescue

25 November 2012 - 08:30 AM

So, first actual model post for me after lurking around for a bit. There's some great inspiration on this forum and I hope I've not started something I can't finish due to inability and sausage fingers.

There's no real plan here other than to refresh this kit that I build roughly 15 years ago. A marriage, two children and a house renovation have kept me away from this hobby a while....but I'm back to it. One thing I've discovered is that the parts seem to be much smaller these days.....

I started with the idea of just a repaint but got carried away. Looking at the wheel arches, there was a fiddly detail that never sat well with me so I set about sorting it out.