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In Topic: What are the chances Modelhaus will find a buyer for their business?

Today, 05:14 AM

Tommy Olsen, pictures why would you need pictures? the Holthaus's been running their operation for years without pictures, and very successfully also. 


How many topics on this forum alone where people are asking about Modelhaus products do you think you will find? 

This is my point,if you cant see the product you doubt and skip it,well if you dont go on here and ask questions first. 

Also this question comes up 20 times a week on Facebook "Is it any good" "Heard about it but there is no pictures" etc. 

In Topic: What are the chances Modelhaus will find a buyer for their business?

Today, 03:56 AM

First thing that should happen if there is to be any new owner is a decent website with good pictures of what they offer. 

Even if someone say the products are excellent (And they are) many will not take anyones word for it,but actually want

to see what they are getting into. I cant prove it but i bet the increase in sales would skyrocket when people actually can

see the products. I feel my self-control is decent,but when is see pictures and ideas pop-up in my head as i go thru content

i close to always have to purchase somthing,even if it`s small,wheels and maby tires etc. 

In Topic: 1957 Fords in Plastic

Yesterday, 05:21 AM

Well kinda useless with no info what is inside the kits and how they build up :)  

In Topic: Curved Masking Tape

25 June 2015 - 11:23 PM

I wish it was that cheap! There's 2-3 sellers on eBay right now asking for between $20-31us per roll! Yes just 1 roll! The cheapest seller wants nearly $30au to ship it!! The other 2 want $30-40us to ship to Australia??!! WTF!?


So why not order straight from HLJ. All the way to Norway is 8 or 9 dollars for an entire model kit size box. 

In Topic: Kits with Hemi engines

25 June 2015 - 10:52 AM



This one got the regular RB look 426. No hemi.