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Richard Petty Dodge Magnum project

06 January 2014 - 11:02 AM

I always wanted the Richard Petty Dodge Magnum in my scale collection...even knowing that the car was not liked by the King because of its lack of performance and power in the race track, I always liked the lines and look of the car...even more in the colors of the King Richard Petty.


I was going to scrachtbuild a NASCAR Magnum body to do my project...but decided to use the already available SMH resin body as a base, what you see here is the "almost" finished body modifications to represent the Magnum, the main work was concentrate in dedoing the wheel arches and sanding down the square body mouldings in the sides, I opened the front glille and front headlight vent also.


is till needs some final fine tunning but I think is almost done in the body department of this particular project.


The black wheels in the pictures will be silver color in the final finished model.