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Italeri or Fujimi Ferrari GTO 1960's body

03 June 2015 - 04:59 AM

Looking for the body only of one of Italeri or Fujimi 1960's Ferrari GTO, I am going to use the front of the car for a conversion. Thanks in advance.


Dodge Mirada and 1981 Imperial race cars

25 May 2015 - 04:40 PM

Here is my soon to be 1981 Richard Petty Dodge Mirada test car used in Daytona track tests and which eventualy led the King to abandon the  Dodge racing brand, never the less is still a car built by Petty Enterprises and tested by the king so it forms part of his long line of Dodge/Mopar race cars....and for some reason I like this car very much!!!


Also this may be the most elusive Petty car there is, there only a front view black and white picture of the Daytona test car with the STP stikers, no other photo of the car in side profile or any other angle for that matter is know to exist or have been made public, making the debate of this particular Petty car quite interesting, some based on the B/W photo say (as I also belive) ghat the car was painted Petty Blue with the STP logos only, other enthusiasts maintain that the car was primer gray or even at one point black primer....like the know photos of the Petty test Magnum car, this comes from comments and inteviews with Maurice Petty who maintained that the car was primer gray at Daytona... but the B/W  photo show reflections on the bodywork so now the view is that it was painted by the time it reach the test track....at least in ovarall Petty blue.









Don Carlton Pro Stock Colt rework

21 January 2015 - 06:09 AM

This is my in progress Carlton Dodge Colt, Is a rework of my previus attempt to do the gold pro stock Carlton RodvShop Colt, this time around I rework to a better looking roof line and "C" pillars, still working on the front wheel arches but the body mods make it look much better this time around in my personal view and opinion.

I was hoping to have this cast in resin, did have an agreament with a caster....but because my fault and lack of time from my part at the workbench, is probably that the interested caster have lost interest or is willing to do this now.

Anyway, I will finish the body mods in a week or so, paint it in its distintive gold paint,Nationwise,rod shop decals and call this done...for a second time...but this time I am happy with the end result/body profile.