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41 Willys pickup gasser

30 January 2015 - 01:34 PM

My first drag car in a while.

Box stock, except for some additional engine parts and better wheels.

Built to match the box art












hope you like it

Revell 41 Willys pickup (Go Ape! Gasser)

30 January 2015 - 12:31 PM

I bought this a while ago, but I've only just got around to building it.

I liked the look of the lace decals, even though the lace is a tad out-of-scale. Gold and purple always go well together, so I used purple candy over a silver base.

The horrible kit wheels were replaced with some from a Polar Lights funny car. 

Now, I've heard it said that this kit has one of the worst Ford SOHC engines in 1/25, so I decided to pep it up a bit.

I added resin pulley wheels, intake, oil filter and gear linkage.

I also added a Mallory ignition module and rear disc brakes.

The engine had no magneto, so I made one that looks kinda like a Vertex.

A Detail Master 5-point harness and a fire extinguisher were added to the interior.

I had to lift the pickup bed a bit to stop the rear arches rubbing the tyres.

A note to anyone who plans to build this kit...The front axle is set too far back. The rear edges of the tyres would foul on the bodywork.

I know some guys re-position the leaf springs, but I'd already painted the chassis and installed the axle before I realized my error.

Luckily, I'd only fixed the front axle on with CA glue, so it came apart easily and I was able to fit it in a better position with epoxy.

The kit decals were dead tricky. They seemed to stick fast, on contact with the paint. 

I managed to get them all on, but it was a sweaty hour.

'nuff blurb..

Here are the pics:
















Comments appreciated

Hope you like it

Thanks for looking

1960 Ford Starliner mild custom

13 December 2014 - 09:13 AM

Here’s my latest, the AMT ’60 Ford Starliner.

I lowered the suspension, filled the antenna hole in the front wing. MCG PE details were used, but I didn’t use the PE grille, as you need to buy separate headlight buckets, from Modelhaus or somewhere else…

Thanks MCG. That cost me $20 and it was all but useless. Why not include resin buckets in with the PE set? I mean, how much more would it cost?


Anyway, I replaced the dash switches and the dials. I flocked the carpets and wired the engine.

Wheels are from Pegasus and I made the exhaust system from lead solder, with polished aluminium Bellflowers.


I made the antenna, too, after seeing a similar one in reference photos. I thought it looked quite period-correct.

Paint was silver base, with silver flake on top, followed by purple candy and more clear.


The downside to all this paint, is that the panel lines disappeared in places, so a lot of the BMF had to be done by eye, with a steady hand. I was sweating bullets.


The pattern was masked with some of that greeting-card craft border. The self-adhesive stuff.

Er…I think that’s it.


Here are the pics, comments welcome:










Even though I used lots of artificial light, the purple didn't really come out strongly in the photos. Believe me, it really pops in the sun!

Zingers! SuperDrag

22 November 2014 - 10:56 AM

Here's my latest build.

A bit of fun, really. Apart from cleaning up a lot of parting lines, it went together easily.

I used some parts-box Cragars and GoodYears to replace the kit tyres and rotated the engine top 180 degrees so the magneto is at the rear of the engine, as it is in the photos I referenced.








Thanks for looking

Zingers! Buggy

25 October 2014 - 05:23 AM

My last few builds have been a bit of a brain-fry, so I decided to have a bit more fun with kit building.

These Zingers really captured my imagination and the more I found out about the original creations, the more I wanted to build the whole set.

Next, I'll build the Super Drag Zinger and the VW Beetle Zinger (got an original kit on eBay for $20, as Round 2 don't seem to have licencing rights to the Beetle)

It was a lot of fun...except the point where I discovered the printed instructions were wrong, and the valley-cover is on the wrong way round, meaning the magneto is at the wrong end of the engine.

I wigged-out about this, screwed-up the instruction sheet and ranted about it for 10 minutes, but it's actually no real problem. I just wanted to build it like the photos.

I added plug wires and fuel lines and swapped the kit rear tyres for some SATCO M/T Sportsman's I had lying around in my parts box.

I also added a bit of clear acetate for the 'screen.

I hope this makes you smile...










Thanks for looking