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In Topic: 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado (Jo-Han)

24 November 2014 - 04:19 PM

What an outstanding build! Beautifully done and skillfully photographed--thank you for sharing!

In Topic: Tamiya Mazda MX-5 Eunos Roadster

17 November 2014 - 03:45 PM

Height looks right to me, if you're doing the car stock. (I'm a Miata owner since 1995.) I'm curious how your seats will turn out--as shown in the pic they have a sheen much like vinyl, which would not be correct for an early Miata. The "black" interior came only with cloth seats, in reality a very dark gray that tends to fade over time with sun exposure.

In Topic: Tamiya Mazda MX-5 Eunos Roadster

12 November 2014 - 02:22 PM

Check that ride height before you change anything--I think it may be the Revell kit that sits wrong. I built the Tamiya kit many years ago and do not recall a problem.

In Topic: 70 Olds Vista Cruiser

05 November 2014 - 03:49 PM

Love 'em both! We had a blue '66 when I was growing up, so I'm very partial to those. Come on, Revell, make us a kit--I'll take any year from '64 to '72!

In Topic: What cars interest you in resin 1/25

21 September 2014 - 03:19 AM

'68 Cougar and '70 Estate Wagon!