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  1. Here is a picture my wife took of my grandson driving my 1:1 Coronet and you can see the lines of the AMT kit are more correct.
  2. I know as I started taking it apart last night. It feels terrible to do it and I am struggling with getting the bumper off and rear bezel. The glass is another story! I think I might try the freezer bag and see if that works. This will be a first for me.
  3. You welcome. They are fun builds to do in between plastic or resin kits. A little more tidy too....
  4. Nice job Michelle. Love the wheels
  5. So I have built a couple but here is a 1966 Batmobile Lego that was pretty fun to build. I have another one, the 1989 Batmobile which is a much larger platform but I don't have a picture on my phone. I would guess the 1966 would be closer to 1/32 scale.
  6. I am going to start restoring an original 65 Coronet 500 AMT kit in the next week. I plan on replicating my 1:1 car that I have done earlier with a Polar Lights kit. I think it is interesting to compare the green car (AMT kit) and the Polar Lights kit that I finished about a year ago. The hubcaps on the Polar Lights Coronet are much more accurate but the AMT kit from 65 the lines look more correct compared to my 1:1 car. I know this has been talked about for years but this is my first original AMT kit in years so fun to show them side by side. The vintage AMT Coronet is really nice and I
  7. drodg

    64 GTO Hardtop

    Very nice. Love the details.....
  8. Great build. Followed Brabham during the Nelson Piquet days.
  9. Who is still in the business to do chroming? Thanks
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