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got side tracked

19 October 2014 - 12:08 PM

I was looking for some parts, not being very successful and decided that I needed to organize my parts bin.  At this point, I have pulled most of the wheels, tires, interior buckets, seats, engines and bumpers/grilles out and have a LONG way to go before I am satisfied with it being organized.


I think there's somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 different model kits donating parts to my parts bin.


bumpers, hoods, tires, wheels and engines



Bodies, chassis and interior buckets



and all the rest that still needs sorting.  There is yet another crate like this one that still needs sifting through.  but it contains mostly parts still on sprues and larger pieces.


Wicked Colors paint at Hobby Lobby

12 October 2014 - 05:41 AM

So I've bought a few of the Wicked Colors water based airbrush colors at Hobby Lobby.  I like the way they lay down, but I haven't had good luck with clearing it.  enamel and lacquer clears either fog, craze or fisheye.  I would like to get paints local, but don't want to spend $60 on 2K at the body shop.  Is there a one step urethane available that I can get at a local shop like lowes, home depot, any auto parts store or body shop?


Another thing I'd like to know about the colors, is with their blacks.  There is a Wicked Black and a Wicked Jet Black.  Is there enough of a difference in the two that a two tone paint job can be done or is it only a difference sheen or is one metallic or pearl?  



Elenore II I got a crazy idea

28 September 2014 - 10:59 AM

So I saw the post Custom Mike made in my 57 Fairlane paint test thread which shows his custom 1975 Matador.  I didn't know what kind of car it was, so I asked.  He replied and sent a few extra pics to show me the whole car.  Fan-dang-tastic build!  He took a hideous car (sorry if that offends you Mopar guys, but the Matador is ugly) and built a gorgeous custom.  I have a theory about cars...there really is no truely ugly car, just cars that don't have the right wheels, tires, stance and paint.  Ok, the 70's yielded some rather atrocious specimens, but most if not all of them could have befitted from wheels, stance and removing the park bench bumpers.  


After seeing Mike's matador, I was inspired to grab an ugly car and make it outstanding.  So I found what I considered to be one of the ugliest cars in my stash.  AMT's 1977 Mustang II, which is the ugliest MUSTANG ever produced....ever!  (ok the Mach III takes the ugliest mustang ever award, but it was never produced.)  



What is the most popular mustang ever?  here's a hint It's in a film with all the earmarks of a classic Nick Cage film: yelling, explosions, speed, a hot chick, plus a certain Shelby GT500....You know her as Elenore.  You've all seen the many renderings of people's takes on her from clones to convertibles to late model look-a-likes, but one I have never seen is the Mustang II.  So I started drawing.  This is just a sketch which incorperates the side scoops, the Shelby style rear spoiler, molded bumpers, the GT500 styled front end and the trademark Power Bubble on the hood.




I added and left out only a few other Elenore characteristics  to try and make it flow a little nicer.  I never really cared for the little spider eye looking lights that were on the original so I left them out.  The GT500 bumper mounted off-road lights had to be there because they're just awesome.  The rear is going to be created using Shelby parts from probably the 69 or 70 model, which ever one that was that Monogram made with the chrome insert with the mesh and Shelby letters.  Side pipes are either going to be stolen from a viper or fabbed from win and awesome.  


The wheels were drawn as just a simple 5 spoke design, but looking through the parts box, I found some old wheels from an AMT 64 mustang. I only found 2 so I may be hitting someone up for a kit or just some parts 



They were obviously not going to work to give it a very tough, modern look, so I grabbed some Pegasus 17" sleeves and re-hooped them.  


I have a vision of the car sitting on a tube chassis or something like that because the kit is just awful.  I haven't even a clue where to begin looking for a chassis to go under this to make it even remotely close to original, so I think since it's a take on a shelby, why not a chassis based on the AC Cobra?  


I hope you all understand, this will probably never get done, but I really hope it inspires someone else to take on the ugly ducklings and turn them into the swans they deserve to be.


Thank you for tuning in.


57 Ford Fairlane. Another color test

26 September 2014 - 05:53 PM

well, I just typed a boat load of words on this and that, posted a bunch of pictures, and some witty comentary. and for some reason it didn't post.  so here's the short and sweet.


Sinful Colors: some kind of weird name for pearl white and a lame stupid name for pearl blue from Walgreens for a buck a bottle

Lacquer thinner

krylon white primer


The paint dries too fast with lacquer thinner, find something else and tell me about it.  I shot it at 20 PSI and still got spider webbing, anything higher than that it dries before it hits the body and causes a very rough texture.


this particular paint has a very nice reflective pearl.  I didn't shoot clear, I might later, I just wanted to see how this paint sprays,


now for what you all want to see











These were on the table, so I figured I'd see what they looked like.


ebay items

17 August 2014 - 10:27 AM

So I was perusing ebay looking for datsun models (hoping someone has made a '80 510 wagon...might just give up on that) when I notice there's a lot of Revell Datsun 510 parts for sale.  I really have to give it to the guy/girl for being creative trying to make some extra money.  Selling PARTS of a model for a somewhat reasonable price....typically $3 plus shipping.  Now that would be great if it were a kit that was no longer available for reasonable prices but something as readily available as a revell datsun 510?  this cat is trying to make $200 on one kit!  


I would be willing to pay $3 shipped for a windshield from a Johan Cutlass or maybe a pair of bedsides from a 64 Ford pickup.  I guess if a person needs but one bumper or hood from the kit because in their kit it was either not properly formed or just missing and spending the ridiculous amount for a new kit now-a-days (upwards of $30 for a re-issued AMT 49 ford).


Really I guess I am just ranting now.  I suppose I can't fault the guy for trying to get ahead.  I just wonder how much money I could make if I were to list each of my parts box parts up for sale at $3 each.  ....50 lb of model parts at $3 each...I could retire!