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scion frs/ drift car

09 November 2014 - 10:26 AM

ive been wanting to build an frs for a while now and ryan tuecks new street car was the deciding point, so far i have the cage done, radiator and custom mount, double fuel pump setup and made my own fifteen52 wheels. i am test fitting the rocket bunny kit and my 2jz motor just came in... something a bit different from most frs builds. i am having a blast with this one, now some picsEB90FFBF-3CEF-4445-B096-6247B89BF29D_zps58C00C58-6817-4BF4-AF4C-C4EE002E7395_zps3E79182B-C66F-4DF6-B948-0BB698E4B244_zps377B68D1-A0D4-46E2-B59F-E2F14045DAE7_zpsA5FEE837-AB2D-40F5-B958-4EA358D2C7EB_zps87BBC39F-A3E0-41E8-912D-C75CB71D6713_zpsa98147e2-fcfb-4fbe-b518-3ce84f5b26ef_zps078A2A2E-56E7-4033-9D6B-69125CF5D475_zpsDC88CD05-597A-479F-9F52-1BC5A9CD889D_zps1DA7967D-2083-4ADF-90F8-B8F218B2635F_zps

Skyline R32

28 May 2014 - 03:53 PM

Couldnt resist and had to start this one, at first it was going to be an out of the box build but now i have decided to do a track/time attack car... so far i have the doors cut out, wheels are on the way. is going to have a stripped interior, full cage, not sure about the engine setup yet either twin top mount turbos or a single turbo. the to do list is getting bigger by the second. hope to get some input and ideas from you guys. heres where im at so far.AF373CB5-5B08-4C8E-8D58-4AB499BCD541_zpsDD5A705D-FEB7-4E43-BFC6-BF8D3C8BCCF5_zpsC09437E6-537F-49D3-9600-479A80581E64_zps