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MPC Vette Van!

04 June 2015 - 02:11 PM

I love MPC’s kits, and I love crazy street vans. I also grew up in the days when there were Show Rods all over the place at custom car shows. I could never wrap my head around how some of the customizers came up with the stuff they did. It was wild! That’s why I was really excited when I got a chance to get my hands on MPC’s old Vette Van kit!


It’s everything I remember about those old car shows! It’s a Vette, with altered headlights (Of course it is!), fin mags and best of all, it’s also a Van! The kit wasn’t cheap, but I sure as heck wasn’t going to say no to something this wild!


Check out the out of box review for this hybrid from the past at the link below, and make sure you have plenty of twinkies and mountain dew on hand!





Matchbox Skyknight OOB review - a Classic Kit!

21 May 2015 - 03:17 PM

If it’s one thing I love, it’s a two seater, especially if it’s an awkwardly-styled side-by-side two seater!  If it just happens to be a Matchbox too, then  I’m probably going to get really excited about it! That’s exactly what happened when I came across the old Matchbox F3D Skyknight in a shop a while ago!


I know there’s a newer Sword kit of the venerable F3D, but really, you have to give Matchbox credit for bothering to kit the rather pedestrian Skyknight in the first place. I don’t know how popular a kit it was, but it’s a nice one to have if you like early night fighters or Korean War stuff.


I thought I’d share this one as an out of box review, so please, take a look at the old chestnut at the link below!



Green and mean (?) - My Citation X-11 is done!

23 April 2015 - 01:06 PM

Well, after a lot of work and some delays, the Citation X-11 is finally done!


While the Revell kit (an old Monogram) isn’t the best car kit I’ve built, it really wasn’t bad, and it’s quite accurate, other than the bloody turbocharger on the engine.  I build this one in the “Light Fern Metallic” colour that I’ve never seen photo evidence of on a Citation, but that the brochure did say was a colour.


You know, with the nice wheels, a suitably subdued colour scheme and the blacked out trim, I really don’t think the Citation looks bad at all. Sure, it was kinda geeky in its day, but by today’s standards, it’s pretty distinctive and does look, dare I say it, a bit mean!

Check out my little green machine here, and let me know what you think!







Light Fern Interior - one obscure little monster!

12 March 2015 - 03:48 PM

Modelling oddball cars is one thing I love to do, but it’s hard to do it when it’s SO oddball that there’s not even a single picture anywhere on the net to help you!


That’s the problem I have with doing my Citation X-11; I wanted to do it in a neat and obscure colour, and Light Metallic Fern is definitely that. Thankfully, someone got a picture of a Caprice in that colour, and mercifully there was even a bit of a hint of what the Light Fern interior looks like!  Believe me, trying to find pics of a Light Fern Citation interior… totally impossible. 


Thus, this representation of the X-car’s green front office may be the only one you’ll ever see, unless you’ve been in the real thing! Does anyone actually know how close I managed to get?


Check out my Citation’s interior here; I finally got some more time to work on it, and I hope it’s at least entertaining; it’s as accurate as I could make it!



Citation X-11 Bone Stock

15 January 2015 - 01:33 PM

Well, the X-car bug has bitten me hard, and now that the holidays are over, I’ve got some time to get some Citation building done!


Since people were apparently excited to see the Citation done, I have begun the long, and I’m sure, to be painful, journey of recreating one of America’s most vilified autos, the Citation X-11 Notchback!  There are a lot of issues with the way this one goes together, although the kit quality looks nice as far as detailing and overall fineness goes.


The body, though, has a few bugs that need to get ironed out first before I can even get going on the other parts.


Check out the first build update here: