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In Topic: What did you get today?

Today, 03:06 AM





Got these diecast cars and a Tamiya Supra.


In Topic: What's the most expensive kit you've ever bought?

Today, 02:51 AM

Most expensive,i paid 80$ including shipping for a mint MPC 73 Firebird Customizing kit. When i look at it

now i think it`s worth every penny when i see people asking close to 200$ for it on Ebay.

In Topic: Ideal donor for 70-73 Firebird.

Yesterday, 10:33 AM

Nice detail to try keep in mind. Love the color on the car on the picture.

In Topic: Ideal donor for 70-73 Firebird.

Yesterday, 02:31 AM

Thanks for the input and suggestions.


Richard: Not sure if i would dare to offer anything on the market before i actually have the items on hand. I have brought

up the subject on this car before,and there was some offers and promises,but i never did see any actual products. 

Modelhaus seem to have all the parts for the body wich is great.


Casey: That is a good idea,but i dont have the skill to scratch new door panels. Do you know if the door panels are the same

from 70 up to let`s say the 77 Trans Am?

In Topic: AMT Parts Pack prices

17 December 2014 - 02:49 PM

Not sure if they are pricy, because i still havent seen any competition who makes tires as nice as the AMT tire pack.


As for the expensive "buy it now" vintage parts,you can get lucky and win the part dirt cheap on auction.