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Front Engine Dragster: The Old Master

15 February 2014 - 05:31 AM

Hi guys,



I wasn't going to post the progress of this project, because I am building this for a local contest this July, but I figure I need the motivation to keep with it as it progresses. I tend to not get 100% finished with things, so it will help to have an audience. I hope.


Anyway, this Ed Pink front engine dragster will be easily the most advanced and optimistic build I have attempted, only having really done OOB kit builds with wiring and good paint details. I'm tremendously excited about this car for a lot of reasons, but mainly because this car has been restored by Pete Eastwood for Cacklefest and there is a ton of documentation and photo detail of this car. It was even the focus of a 1964 Hot Rod Magazine 2-issue build article following Don Long building the actual car (which I actually found the original issues). It was built in 1964 and competed in the 1965 NHRA Top Fuel class winning in it's first time on the track at the Winternationals in 1965. It has a spectacular pedigree and a wonderful amount of reference material to use in the build.


So, here we go...







Need an aluminum machined part I.D.

10 February 2014 - 03:57 PM

Hey guys, I have a part that was in one of my VERY old parts boxes (at least 10-15 years old), and I am trying to find out who produced it. It is an idler belt pulley for a supercharged V8 drag engine, and was in my very old unfinished build of the Gary Ormsby Top Fuel dragster. I have no idea why I only have the idler pulley and not the other two, and I can't imagine it was sold individually, but I'm pretty sure that I never had the other two pulleys.


The machining is flawless and the pulley is a really nice piece. The goal is to find the other two pulleys for a supercharged Top Fuel engine. Does anyone recognize this belt tension pulley? I have searched through a bunch of different company's offerings and can't seem to find any that match.


Anyone know who made this?



WTD: 4 Slot Altered Mag Rear Wheels

28 January 2014 - 03:40 PM

I have been searching and searching, and I was sure I had seen them before... do any of you guys know if someone makes a set of altered 4-slot rear wheels?


Thanks in advance,



1968 Mr. Norm's Dodge Dart GSS

25 January 2014 - 07:06 PM

About 10 years ago I was happily building the Revell Mr. Norm's GSS according to images I had found on the web, and by the kit instructions with the box photos. Someone on another forum pointed out an inconsistency in the build, which sent me scrambling and put a hold on my project. A few months later, I actually was lucky enough to meet "Mr. Norm" Krause at a Mopar Happening show in Belvedere, Illinois, where he had a booth set up to sell shirts and hats and sign autographs. Next to the booth was none other than the actual black GSS Dart on the cover of the model kit. I found all of the kit mistakes and proceded to go over the whole car with my camera and a note pad. A conversation with Norm actually cleared up a few questions I had, too. Like, the battery in this car is in the trunk, and not in the engine compartment.


I started up my project again as I moved into a new house in a new state recently, and needed something to pass the time. Hopefully, these photos can help someone else from falling into the same trap that I did and believing the instructions and box photos were accurate and correct to the actual car.























1968 Mr. Norm's Dodge Dart GSS (was The Engine Room)

18 January 2014 - 04:52 PM

Hi all, I'm new to the site, and an on-and-off modeler since I was a kid. Spent most of my mature life racing R/C cars, karts, formula cars and anything else I could get my hands on. A new job in Des Moines took my family and I from Chicago in the dead of one of the worst winters I can recall, and I find myself in a new city, a new house, a new job and completely out of my comfort zone. While I was unpacking my old workshop here, I found my box of modeling stuff from easily 10 years ago. Boredom and a need to get away from the kids for a little while brought everything out of thaw and a new workshop set up here in Iowa.
I had started a '68 Mr. Norm's Dodge Dart GSS in 2004 and it stalled a couple of times. I'm trying to pick back up, but having a tough time getting motivated to finish the GSS Dart...




I should just finish it and get it done so I can move on.




What I wind up doing is building engines, instead. I donno why, but I enjoy it almost as much as building real ones. So things like the Ross Gibson engines are appealing. I found a bunch of the old Revell Parts Pack engines in a box and decided to start the misnamed "354" Cadillac. These are actually really great kits with tons of detail. I have enjoyed this one so far. It has the resin OE Cadillac valve covers from Altered States, and hand-made injector stacks out of aluminum tubing.




Will probably do a little wiring next and see where that goes. 



I pulled an old Gary Ormsby AA/TF car out of mothballs and it made me laugh, the only thing worked on was the engine. I'll post some photos of that later on. :)




Nice to be here. The talent I have seen so far here is incredible. I'm tremendously humbled.