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Larry Watson inspired 59 Cadillac

14 June 2014 - 09:40 AM

I finally got it done...

Feels like I've been doing this for months. I might have BMF burnout now!  :wacko:


The build was inspired by the legendary Larry Watson. I hope I've done it justice. 

I admit that this was a difficult build at times. One of the most challenging aspects, was the mating of the chassis to the body. I genuinely had beads of sweat forming on my brow.


Appletons and Bellflowers are scratchbuilt and I printed my own licence plates (one digit different to Larry's own car) and a couple of little 'Watson' stickers on the windows.


I chopped a few scale inches off the ride-height and had to repair the chrome on the bumpers as it was wrinkled in a few spots.

Paint is all from rattle cans: Candy red over a silver base. Glitter on the roof.


Here are the pics:
















Thankyou for looking



Larry Watson style 59 Cadillac - New pics added 12/5/14

28 April 2014 - 03:16 PM

When I saw some photos of Larry Watson's work, I knew I had to try and do something similar. 

I like most custom styles...everything has it's place. But late 50's / early 60's with these paint jobs, Bellflowers, Lancers and Appletons, really please my eye.


This is what gave me the inspiration:




So I laid down some Audi Alumin(i)um silver, then gave the roof a dusting of glitter. I polished with Micromesh down to 4000 grit, then used Meguires Scratch-X, Tamiya medium compound and Meguires deep crystal polish.






I'll mask off a border, leaving the silver underneath, then hit it with candy red. My pattern will differ from Larry's, in that his car was a series 62 (I think....Please correct me if I'm wrong) and this kit is an Eldorado, which has a chrome strip running from the rear, up the top edge of the panels, to the windshield.

I decided that adding a side-spear like Larry's, would make the sides too cluttered.

They're busy enough as it is.


The cross-bar wheels from Pegasus were a fairly good match to the ones on the original.

To keep the clear red tidy, while flowing it into the cross-hatched centre, I first paint in a bit of clear thinner. It kind of helps the red to form a level edge without having to touch the sides with a brush...




Thanks for looking

More pics soon

Rambunctious - Funny Car - FINISHED PICS!

16 March 2014 - 09:11 AM

It's finally done!

It fought me quite a bit, but I learned a lot from it. I tried a lot of new stuff: ProTech lines and fittings, a lot of Photoetch, a few scratchbuilt items (Fuel blocks, battery/tray)

This was also my 1st candy paint job and I'm quite pleased with it. I'll do some more in the future..

Enough chat. Here are the pics:










I hope you like it

Thanks for looking

55 shoebox Chevy sportsman

04 February 2014 - 01:07 PM

Here's one I built a year or two ago.

It's basically box-stock, with a PE harness, steering wheel and Dzus fasteners.. 
I decided to match the box-art and when I build the SoffSeal 57 Chevy version which I have waiting for me on the shelf, I'll add a lot more detail.

I hope you like it






And an alu tube driveshaft..





Rambunctious - Funny Car - FINISHED PICS!

02 February 2014 - 11:50 AM

This is the Polar Lights kit of Gene Snow's Rambunctious funny car.




No real problems, so far. Apart from the fittings and braided hose getting lost in the post.

I'm going to try and plumb as much as I can on the engine. I'll add a throttle linkage, too.

This is what I've done so far....




Fuel lines and other details will be added (once they finally arrive..)

Here's the cockpit, which is more or less done. I added a chute release, although I had to use some imagination for it's position as there is very little info on Google images about its' exact placement. 




I used candy red over metallic gold for the body, chassis and roll cage





I added a battery tray, even though I didn't really know if it had one.




As the engine has a starter motor, I figured it would need some juice. I have since discovered that it might've not had a battery, but used an auxiliary power supply, connected to terminals on the chassis.

To be perfectly honest, this will never be entered into a competition, so it's more of an exercise in testing my abilities and trying new things. I'll add PE bolt heads and anything else that I can think of.


I'll post more pics as soon as I make more progress

Thanks for looking