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Zingers! SuperDrag

Yesterday, 10:56 AM

Here's my latest build.

A bit of fun, really. Apart from cleaning up a lot of parting lines, it went together easily.

I used some parts-box Cragars and GoodYears to replace the kit tyres and rotated the engine top 180 degrees so the magneto is at the rear of the engine, as it is in the photos I referenced.








Thanks for looking

Zingers! Buggy

25 October 2014 - 05:23 AM

My last few builds have been a bit of a brain-fry, so I decided to have a bit more fun with kit building.

These Zingers really captured my imagination and the more I found out about the original creations, the more I wanted to build the whole set.

Next, I'll build the Super Drag Zinger and the VW Beetle Zinger (got an original kit on eBay for $20, as Round 2 don't seem to have licencing rights to the Beetle)

It was a lot of fun...except the point where I discovered the printed instructions were wrong, and the valley-cover is on the wrong way round, meaning the magneto is at the wrong end of the engine.

I wigged-out about this, screwed-up the instruction sheet and ranted about it for 10 minutes, but it's actually no real problem. I just wanted to build it like the photos.

I added plug wires and fuel lines and swapped the kit rear tyres for some SATCO M/T Sportsman's I had lying around in my parts box.

I also added a bit of clear acetate for the 'screen.

I hope this makes you smile...










Thanks for looking

Mine's R34 Skyline

24 August 2014 - 05:23 AM

I built this as a departure from my usual vintage iron.




I picked it up cheap in Singapore after a day-long search of the city for a model shop that sold something other than RC or military kits.

My previous build was a 59 Caddy, with tons of chrome, so I thought it was going to be a quick blast, being kerbside.


But the carbon fibre decals were a real trial, the kit decals were also some of the most fragile I've ever used. The large decals for the door broke up, despite my extreme care. I had to leave it alone for a few weeks, as I was getting too angry about it...


However, apart from the Revell 49 Merc I built a few years ago, this is one of the newest-tooling kits I've built. The fit and condition of the parts was excellent and required minimal cleanup. It has functional steering and suspension.

The brake rotors were bright chrome, but a rotational rub with very fine grit polishing cloth gave them a much more realistic appearance.

I added red buttons to the steering-wheel (Gran Turismo 5 was quite good source material!)



Apart from that, it's totally box stock.


The engine and exhaust are moulded-in. I used silly putty to mask the surrounding bodywork while I sprayed on the silver:

The tyres are the best I've seen on a kit. I used a 10x lens and could read the size on the tyre wall!




Paint is from rattle-cans, polished, buffed and waxed





Thanks for looking

Larry Watson inspired 59 Cadillac

14 June 2014 - 09:40 AM

I finally got it done...

Feels like I've been doing this for months. I might have BMF burnout now!  :wacko:


The build was inspired by the legendary Larry Watson. I hope I've done it justice. 

I admit that this was a difficult build at times. One of the most challenging aspects, was the mating of the chassis to the body. I genuinely had beads of sweat forming on my brow.


Appletons and Bellflowers are scratchbuilt and I printed my own licence plates (one digit different to Larry's own car) and a couple of little 'Watson' stickers on the windows.


I chopped a few scale inches off the ride-height and had to repair the chrome on the bumpers as it was wrinkled in a few spots.

Paint is all from rattle cans: Candy red over a silver base. Glitter on the roof.


Here are the pics:
















Thankyou for looking



Larry Watson style 59 Cadillac - New pics added 12/5/14

28 April 2014 - 03:16 PM

When I saw some photos of Larry Watson's work, I knew I had to try and do something similar. 

I like most custom styles...everything has it's place. But late 50's / early 60's with these paint jobs, Bellflowers, Lancers and Appletons, really please my eye.


This is what gave me the inspiration:




So I laid down some Audi Alumin(i)um silver, then gave the roof a dusting of glitter. I polished with Micromesh down to 4000 grit, then used Meguires Scratch-X, Tamiya medium compound and Meguires deep crystal polish.






I'll mask off a border, leaving the silver underneath, then hit it with candy red. My pattern will differ from Larry's, in that his car was a series 62 (I think....Please correct me if I'm wrong) and this kit is an Eldorado, which has a chrome strip running from the rear, up the top edge of the panels, to the windshield.

I decided that adding a side-spear like Larry's, would make the sides too cluttered.

They're busy enough as it is.


The cross-bar wheels from Pegasus were a fairly good match to the ones on the original.

To keep the clear red tidy, while flowing it into the cross-hatched centre, I first paint in a bit of clear thinner. It kind of helps the red to form a level edge without having to touch the sides with a brush...




Thanks for looking

More pics soon