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In Topic: Who rides bicycles here?

01 June 2010 - 02:21 AM

>How is it off topic? It's a thread about bikes.

its a website about car models.


You better stay away from the automotive forums then, they go horribly off topic on a regular basis ;)

It's threads like this that really bring a community together, you learn peoples other interests outside just scale modelling.

In Topic: Who rides bicycles here?

31 May 2010 - 10:34 AM

this thread is way off topic so im going to take it a bit further off topic by swerving into swap meet territory here:

anyone have a 60s or earlier Schwinn brand chrome bullet head lamp that does NOT run off a generator...has batteries inside? and probably a bakelite switch on top? if so please shoot me a PM and maybe we can work out a swap, i have lots of vintage schwinn parts and other stuff.


How is it off topic? It's a thread about bikes. :huh:

In Topic: Who rides bicycles here?

31 May 2010 - 04:54 AM

Steve, I love your Raleighs and the Peugeot. I have 3 Raleighs and a Peugeot "kit" in my garage. The Raleighs are a 76 Sprite 5 speed with full fenders and a rack that my dad bought new and never rode. It's the one I put the most miles on. I also have an 80s 10 speed Capri that is almost mint as bought off Craig's list for $80. I also have another 80s Olympian 12 speed that I got free. All it needed was air in the tires.

The Peugeot project started when a neighbor gave me his mom's mixte since she couldn't ride anymore. I found a taller men's frame on Craig's list, decals from Australia on Ebay and also handlebars and pedals off of Ebay. I just need to find some cool Peugeot aluminum fenders and I will be ready for the rebuild.

Thanks, The Raleigh is turning out to be the find or the century for me since I'm 6'6" it's really hard to find a used bike that fits me properly.

I absolutely love the Peugeot and it rides like a dream but I'm just a bit cramped on it which makes long rides a chore, When I did the eleven miles yesterday on the Raleigh I had no idea I had gone that far until I got home and mapped my ride on Googlemaps.

Did my normal short ride this morning which I just found out is a tick under four miles which is a nice quick ride.

This is another Raleigh I got for free (can't believe my luck) that my eleven year old son has been riding, It's a 1984 Raleigh 12 speed and he stays right with me on it.
This one needed nothing but air in the tires and a seat although I have now replaced both tires because they were the originals when we got it.
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In Topic: Who rides bicycles here?

30 May 2010 - 11:01 AM

New high dollar bikes are nice but you can get into a classic steel/aluminum frame 10 speed for under $300.00 for a really nice one.

Here's my finally finished 1980 Raleigh Super Grand Prix, Just did eleven miles this morning on it.

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After this mornings ride I noticed the ancient front tire had finally given up the ghost so I picked up a new set of Continental road tires bringing my total investment in this bike to $60.00.

This is my other bike, 1972 Peugeot UO8, I'm considering brining it to an upcoming vintage bike meet and see what it'll bring in the for sale corrall.

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In Topic: Who rides bicycles here?

12 May 2010 - 01:24 AM

You did a great job with that! Jody

Thanks, I'm really pleased with how it's turning out. Best part is I have a total investment of $25.00 in that bike now :)