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Custom 60 Chevy truck- older post

15 December 2014 - 01:24 PM

This is a 1960 Chevy Truck. Body has been converted into a uni-body by molding cab and bed together. Roof was replaced with a modified Fireball 500 item. I opened the grille up and put the turn signals in the headlights. I molded the front bumper into the body. Scratch built rear tail lights. I replaced the turn signals in the hood with some screen so this puppy can breathe. Scratch built the gas cap and the rear upper and lower spoilers. I also cut some heat diffusers into the hood. The seat, console, fire extinguisher are from my parts box. Scratch built door panels. Dash was made from the original dash, they were cut and modified to fit. Engine was taken from a corvette ZR-1. Scratch built the air intakes. Chassis has the front and rear frame rails and suspension from a nascar crafted to it. Wheels and tires are Pegasus Diablos. Paint is rattle can Krylon Red.


IMG_0089-vi.jpg IMG_0091-vi.jpg


IMG_0090-vi.jpg IMG_0092-vi.jpg





Custom 50 Chevy truck #2- Repost

12 December 2014 - 07:26 AM

Another 50 Chevy truck. This has been chopped, sectioned, and pie cut. Chassis and engine are from the AMT Wagonrod including tires and wheels. The bed has been shortened to fit the frame. Made some inner tubs for the bed. Rear fenders have been widened and raised higher on the bed, then I added material to the bottoms of the front and rear fenders to bring them closer to the ground. Makes it look LOW. The dash was smoothed then I added the dash pods from a VW Beetle to it. Made a custom cone for the truck. Pint is Krylon Teal green with a blue pearl gloss cote.


IMG_0064-vi.jpg IMG_0065-vi.jpg


IMG_0062-vi.jpg IMG_0063-vi.jpg

Custom 50 Chevy Truck=Repost

12 December 2014 - 07:10 AM

Another repost: This is one of my very first builds when I returned to the hobby in 1999 or 2000, it is an 1950 Chevy truck that has an 88 chevy truck bed attached to it. The lower portions of the cab were made to match the bed. Chassis is also from the 88 chevy truck. Wheels and tires are from the Dodge Concept car. Engine is taken from a Corvette. Interior is from the Dodge Stealth modified to fit cab. Paint is Krylon Safety Orange with a purple pearl gloss cote.


IMG_0038-vi.jpg IMG_0037-vi.jpg


IMG_0041-vi.jpg IMG_0040-vi.jpg

86 Toyota Celica- Repost

12 December 2014 - 06:39 AM

Lately I have been unable to do any building due to not having anytime to do anything else but life in general. It has been awhile since I have been able to post any new builds so I thought I might post some older builds to help inspire me to get building again. This is an Tamiya Celica body and interior but I used the chassis and engine from a C5 Corvette.


IMG_0029-vi.jpg IMG_0024-vi.jpg


IMG_0031-vi.jpg IMG_0043-vi.jpg



Custom 40 Ford Truck- Repost

12 December 2014 - 06:34 AM

Here is another build from my past. This is a 40 ford with a chopped top, custom made bed and tailgate. Front and rear fenders were extended. Engine is from the Mustang Super Stallion. Interior is a modified mustang interior. Chassis and wheels are from the Smoothster. Will post more past builds later..


IMG_0074-vi.jpg IMG_0076-vi.jpg


IMG_0078-vi.jpg IMG_0080-vi.jpg