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Mid Engine Corvette

06 February 2015 - 07:57 PM

This is Revells 2005 Corvette converted to an mid engine configuration. There is too much done to this to list so I posted a link to the build here:


In progress:http://www.modelcars...3&hl=customsrus


Finished: http://www.modelcars...8&hl=customsrus


IMG_0855-vi.jpg IMG_862-vi.jpg


IMG_0874-vi.jpg IMG_0869-vi.jpg

1968 Pontiac Banshee

19 January 2015 - 06:45 AM

Ok this is another older build of mine. This is my version of a 1968 Pontiac Banshee. I took the best parts of Revell's 68 Corvette and Lindbergs 63 Cougar ll. I grafted the center section of the Cougar to the Corvette. Filled in the fender vents and reshaped front and rear fenders to match the Cougar sections. I molded in the front lower valance of the cougar to the vette. Tail lights are from a 69 Camaro. I also molded a GTO hood scoop to the hood. Scratch built rear bumper and rocker moldings. The interior is made from the front half of the cougar and the rear section of the vette.Seats are narrowed vette seats. Door panels are scratch built. Chassis is from the Corvette with a modified ride height and relocated gas tank. Engine is from Revell's 66 GTO. Scratch built brackets for the alternator and power steering. Also scratch built air cleaner. Paint is Tamiya Mica Silver. This one also has the mysterious hood that will not close. Enjoy the pictures..


IMG_0751-vi.jpg IMG_0759-vi.jpg


IMG_0753-vi.jpg IMG_0758-vi.jpg

2017 Thunderbird

10 January 2015 - 10:53 AM

Here is another past build of mine. This t-bird was built as a retro custom as it might appear  years in the future. My idea was for this build was to make a vehicle that could do 200+ mph and still get 50 mpg. So all body panels would be made of a light weight composite, the chassis would also be lightweight. It would have a lexan glass top. As many of you guessd it is a 63 t-bird with a pontiac banshee top grafted to it, doors where shaped like the banshee doors and reversed swing up style. hood was glued in place and new hood opening cut out. headlights are now flip up style. Banshee rear pan grafted to backend of t-bird and also another rear pan was put on the front of the car. Both front fenders and rear quarters were reshaped or extended with sheet plastic. Banshee interior was modified to a two seater. Instrument panel was converted to appears as a digital touch screen. I put a headliner in it with seatbelts attachments and domelights. complete chassis and drive train are taken from the shelby series 1, I had to extend and widen chassis to fit t-bird body. Wheels are aluminum sleeves from Pegasus hobbies. Scratchbuilt drive components and brake systems. I could go on but lets get on to the pictures. Enjoy.



1940 Chrysler Truck

08 January 2015 - 12:13 PM

This is another older build of mine, its a 1940 Chrysler Truck made with parts from Monograms 1940 Ford truck and AMT's Chrysler Atlantic concept car and just a little bit of scratch building. The 40 cab was chopped and sectioned, then the front of the Atlantic was grafted on. The bed was made from adding the back section of the Atlantic to the ford bed. Dash ,seats, and console are from the Atlantic. The rest of interior is scratch built. I used the frame of the 40 ford and added front  and rear frame rails from a nascar kit. I resin cast the straight 8 from the 1935 Mercedes 500k Johan kit. Scratch built air cleaner, engine pulleys, valve cover and turbo unit. Enjoy..


IMG_0353-vi.jpg IMG_0354-vi.jpg


IMG_0355-vi.jpg IMG_0356-vi.jpg



Cars Built for the Grandkids

02 January 2015 - 04:54 PM

Ok here are a few build I have built for my grandkids a few years ago I hop you enjoy them. Thanks for looking..


Fist up I have an Impala SS that I converted into a two door. This was my first multi layer paint job but I think it came out ok. I do have a few in progress pictures if interested.


IMG_0912-vi.jpg IMG_0913-vi.jpg


IMG_0914-vi.jpg IMG_0916-vi.jpg