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1/16th Hot Wheels FED Prudhomme and McEwen

07 March 2012 - 12:02 PM

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Just wanted to let anyone interested in these coversions made for the Revell 1/16th FED models, to definately go for it. I received one of each, and the resin quality is very good, the body panels (it's a complete set) are thinner, therefore more realistic than the panels that come with Revell's kits, the decals are sharp, professional, and the chrome accents on the decals are brilliant and complete. The paperwork that comes with the kits include printed reference photos on the paper, and a nice painting template for body panels. (nice touch)

Jeffrey of JT-Graphics.com was a great help, and I received the kits within a few days of sending him the paypal payment. I do recommend the kit for anyone having an interest in building these classic Hot Wheels Snake and Mongoose FED's in 1/16th scale.
He mostly deals in resin studio scale science fiction ships, but obviously, there's a little bit of a drag racer buried in there.

You can write to him direct and request the kits at info@jt-graphics.com

photos request-offer

01 March 2012 - 12:06 PM

It's been quite some time since I was here, but it looks like this drag racing forum sure picked up speed! I could remember an echo in here, now there's folks taking and posting 1/16th (my fav)

Just a shout out to two incredible time consuming builds by Mooneyz and Vintagedragfan....the Calif. Charger and the Army F/C are UNBELIEVABLE......makes me want to sell a car and buy a lathe, but then I would NEVER come out of the shop. I thought I knew detail, but I don't :)

I was lucky enough to grow up in the golden years of drag racing, and my dad worked with a lot of racers, our home track was Fremont, and I saw ALL the iconic cars of the day....I am also old enough to actually have bought the Revell 1/16th models off the shelf when they first came out. It is SO good to see how many people have found this hobby again....

Anyway, to get to the reason of the post. I have been stockpiling parts and pieces, and am feeling the need to start building again, so I thought I would hollar out to any folks with photos of a few cars.

Mike Sullivan's Fiat Fuel Altered (the blue one)
Prudhomme's or McEwen's Hot Wheels FED's (Snake - Mongoose - for search purposes)
Howard Cam's Rattler (the orange FED that slixx made the 1/16th decal set for)

What I have is a good collection of drag cars....all sorts, floppers and rails mostly, name drivers, unique cars, I have some I have taken myself, but most are from years of collecting from the NET....

I also have very high quality digitals of drag boats and a lot from the pits for details if anyone is doing a drag boat model....

anyway, so good to see the hobby going well, and I look forward to watching a few builds take place.....

ps.....has anyone done the JT-Graphics 1/16th Hot Wheels Snake or Mongoose build? (that's why I would love some photos of those cars!)