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In Topic: 1969 Outlaw Camaro...updates (08/27/14)

Today, 06:17 PM

Hot Diggity Dog Tyrone.... Those rear slicks look great and so does the 5 point harness... Very nice work. I love every update on this. What grit of paper did you use on the side walls?? It's making me wonder if I should sand the side walls on the Army Funny car build. Also Who's photo-etch belts did you use on this build. They turned out great.

In Topic: Ghia/Porsche

Yesterday, 03:05 PM

Thanks, Chris! I us the Sherline set up. In my opinion, it is the best for your money, particularly with the amount of accessories they have for their system and the ease of use of those accessories. When you decide, to go for it, let me know and I can tell you what all accessories I think you should go with. Again, thanks for the kind words on the Ghia project!


Thanks Dirk... I will have take you up on the offer about which accessories to go with. I have been eyeing the 6200 Lathe and Mill "Ultimate Machine Shop Package"  with the Digital Read outs. I just need to save up  the 3 grand cash.... LMAO  :lol:



In Topic: 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 8/24/2014 Blower Started

Yesterday, 01:46 PM

Paul... you are right about the Rivets plus some could have used machine screws which I am sure Rivets would of been a much easier way but you never know what people did back then...lol I will work on getting that stuff copied for you.


Bob... Thank you so much. I am hoping to do a little magic with this blower...lol


Jim... Thank you very much.


Dave... Thank you. I can't wait to get paint on the valve covers now but will wait to get the blower done as well because they will have the same paint.


Scott... Thank you. I am gonna have to change it up to keep you on your toes...lol Hey random question how long does it take for you to get your photo-etch back from your photo-etcher?? I may have to PM you with and Idea I am toying with for something on this build. and whats the thinnest material you can get?


Bob... Thank you on the blower. You need to pull that garlits dragster out my friend. I love me some other 1/16th scale builds. I am glad that this build is inspiring people.


Well Fellas... Time for me to get to the hobby bench and make some progress with this blower. Hoping to have some progress to show later.

In Topic: TOM NOVAK`S : BBC "SIDEWINDER" new project 5/9/14

Yesterday, 05:29 AM

I guess johnny is still out looking for his minions. I think they may have gone i strike.... :D

In Topic: Walt's Puffer Too T-Bucket Altered

Yesterday, 05:27 AM

Brad.... nice update buddy. It is looking good. I feel the pain about matching parts from scrarch building bit with your talent I know you will knock it out of the park.