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Today, 02:52 PM

Thanks Guys!




Hey Chief Joseph, It was a 3D Systems SLA 5000.

Cool, thanks for the info.  I thought it was an SLA model and I was hoping it might have been from a Form1 or a B9, but you had it printed on one of the big boys :D

In Topic: Rob's resin making thread

Today, 09:32 AM

Beautiful work!!!  What kind of printer spit out this piece?

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25 July 2014 - 05:25 AM

if I understand correctly, to do this on the "up & up", someone would need to do extensive research to determine if an independent part had already been manufactured as part of a kit. seems like the legwork might take as long as actually cranking out the actual part.


thanks for the in-progress photos of the Fairmont.


with all things considered, certainly doesn't sound like a business that turns a quick buck. makes one wonder how they can be sold so reasonably?


If you are scratchbuilding your own part, you can do whatever you want regardless of the availability of the same part in a kit somewhere.  If you make it it's yours.  The only way to make an easy profit with resin casting is to recast already-existing pieces-- there is no research, development, or time invested if you just open a kit and splash some rubber over the pieces.  All the junk you see on eBay is pure recast kit parts, often complete with pin marks and mold seams.  All people who legitimately sell resin parts will be willing to show you the master that they made (or had made) to prove that they are on the up & up.  I'm sure if this bunghole who is recasting the Fairmont were challenged to show his master, he would come up with some lame excuse (it broke and I threw it away) and then go underground for a while.  That's how recasters operate... they rely on a fairly ignorant portion of the consumer base to choose their inferior recast pieces purely based on price, and then when they are exposed they'll hide out for a while, but then start up again under a different name with maybe some different items.  A guy named Mike Tait in Texas is a recaster of epic proportions and he has come and gone so many times over the past several years it's not even funny... he mainly deals in sci-fi stuff, but he'd probably do car stuff if there were a profit to be made.

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24 July 2014 - 05:46 PM

that a resin caster who I’m not familiar with has started making copies of my Fairmont pro stock body.  He has a closed group on Facebook.  If you search WHISKEY RIDGE RESIN & DECALS you should find it.  I haven’t seen any publicly accessible websites by that name.  I’ve attached a picture of his copy of my body, just so you can see what it looks like as compared to mine.  I just wanted to let anyone know, who might be interested.  If you know of other modelers who you think would like to (or should) know, feel free to pass this info on.  Thanks...



PS - If I have any updates I'll post it here.

Hey guess what?  The owner of that Facebook group has an account here: OLESHEP63.  But he hasn't been here since September 24, 2012.

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24 July 2014 - 05:37 PM

I never understood how this works. do most guys who resincast make their initial part from raw materials? or are they modified kit parts, perhaps out of production, more detailed, or adjusted for a particular installation? and does that cross the legal line with the BIG Companies or are they just flying under the radar? I've seen some great parts, but also some I recognize the parental lineage.

It is ethical to take a kit part and make it more accurate or change it to represent a variant of some kind, as long as you don't undermine the original manufacturer's ability to sell the kit.  For example, if you take a hood and add an intake snorkel to it, that's legitimate because the hood is of no use without the kit.  But if you copy the wheels & tires out of a kit, then you've undercut the manufacturer-- instead of someone buying the kit to get those wheels and tires, they might buy recast copies instead.  That is not fair to the manufacturer and is detrimental to the industry.  It's doubly rotten when a recaster does it to a garage kit producer.