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In Topic: Heller Bugatti T.50

12 April 2015 - 11:01 AM

I've seen a couple of sports / racer Bugattis in 1:32, but not aware of a T50 in 1:35 scale from any source.  99% certain that this one is Heller's 1:24 kit (also re-boxed by Airfix and Gunze) - an Airfix re-box of the 1:24 Heller was one of the first models that I built when I took up this hobby ten years ago.  Not a tricky kit to build, but needs lots of care with parts alignment (especially the rear suspension to avoid it sitting too tail down).

In Topic: 1939 Jaguar SS100

12 April 2015 - 10:53 AM

Looking fantastic!  One quick thing - whilst inaccurate in finish, the kit part for the folded roof is in fact pretty much the correct size - see here for a period reference photo.  Almost certainly a single layer top, hence why it can be folded so tightly.  There were a few production cars in this era that even had fully disappearing tops - click here for pics of an example.


Oh, and the marque is actually 'SS' - at this point, Jaguar was simply a model name, so the correct name for one of these is a SS Jaguar 100.  No prizes for guessing why the SS name was dropped in early 1945...

In Topic: 1937 Packard V12... a classy blast from the past

22 March 2015 - 10:40 AM

Great to see this built, and very impressive as always.  I don't suppose that you have any build pics?  I couldn't see a thread in the appropriate section of the forum.  Great to know that it all goes together properly, as the sprues and instructions certainly promise great things!




One of the all-time classy American cars. Back in the day, if you drove a Packard, you were probably a successful lawyer, doctor, business executive, etc. Definitely a "mover and shaker." They were pricey, classy cars for people who could afford the best.



CONS: Doors don't open far enough, frame construction is tricky due to many individual pieces, some of which could have been molded together to make assembly easier. Hood assembly is also tricky due to the tiny, separate hinge pieces that have to be glued in the exact;y correct spot in order for the hood to open properly.


I painted the wheels red, just because I like the look of the red wheels against the wide whites and the body color. Not "factory correct," but it's my model, so I do it my way!  ;)


My understanding is that over here in the UK, Packard had the reputation of being America's Rolls-Royce.


Did you leave the door hinges standard?  My one gripe looking at the parts & instructions is how the top hinge is cut into the dash.  This is something that my OCD cannot cope with, especially on an otherwise so amazingly detailed kit.


Is it too late to darken the wheels?  I can't help but think that having them in the same darker red / ox blood as the interior would look stunning, whilst also maintaining that contrast against the body colour and the white walls.

In Topic: Lindberg 31 Bugatti Victoria

28 February 2015 - 01:42 AM

Such a pity that the Esders has not been kitted (although this Lindberg kit looks like a good starting point for a conversion) - it and the Coupe Napoleon are the definitive Royale bodystyles imho.


For those not familiar with the size of the T41 Royale, in the '80s a Frenchman built a 7/8th scale Coupe Napoleon using a T46 as the starting point (iirc, the chassis required a wheelbase stretch, but the rest was the appropriate dimensions) and that was still a large car.  The story was covered in two or three articles in the UK vintage car mag 'The Automobile'.

In Topic: Lindberg 31 Bugatti Victoria

27 February 2015 - 10:09 AM

Btw, the Binder Coupe de Ville is the one depicted in the Bandai 1:16 kit.  It is not to be confused with the far better proportioned Coupe Napoleon, which is available as a 1:24 Italeri kit.