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Hey, Is that a Manx?

05 March 2014 - 10:51 AM

I finished this quite a while ago and thought I`d finally take a few shots to share. I had a good time building it. I have a good time building all my rides but some models are just more fun to do and this was at the top for fun factor. Its a Manx, how could it not be!!

Got a few mods to it as per usual. Re-shaped the fender edges all the way around to give the body a cleaner and subtley more aggressive shape. Chopped the windsheild 5mm. Freched tailights, Lowered the suspension, gave it big brakes and bigger rubber. The Centerline wheels are from the awfull awfull MPC Supercharger, the Webers from an old AMT 63 Vette, modified seats from a Lamborghini Reventon and the Exhaust is inspired by an old Matchbox Manx I had as a kid and scratchmade from some Aluminum tubing.


As I`ve said before I build every model the way I would if I had the chance to build a real one and I would looooove to terrorize the town in something like this.









Gettin small, modded 1/32 Lindberg 32 Chev p/u

26 February 2014 - 03:23 PM

I found this in a Dollar store a while ago and couldn`t resist chopping it up a little. Lowered suspension a ton, channeled the body, removed the box from the body and moved it higher up, built a new rear frame assy to fit the raised box. Got rid of the leaf spring set-up and made an I-beam style front axle, sectioned the Rad to accomodate lower ride height and shorted the rear bumper.

Its just a simple curbside but was a fun way to burn off a few hours. I`ve never built anything this small before, it was tougher than I thought it would be to modify something so small.












The pic below is what its supposed to look like.


Building my Grail. Scotty`s Mufflers 55 Ford on the bench

07 February 2014 - 05:16 PM

I can`t think of a better way to get back on the bench after a looooong hiatus from building than to build my holiest of Grails. The Scottys Muffler shop version of Monograms 55 Ford pickup, which I believe is also the original issue of this body. Circa 1977.


I`m allready a ways in, with the body in primer and the frame and driveline done but it`s still got a few steps to go. A couple minor mods to accent the build have been done but other than that it will be a box stock build done to the best of my abilities. It`s been over a year since I worked on anything and 9 months since I have been able to get my head in gear to be able to build, so to start with this one feels immeasurably good.


My original post on buying this so you know how much it means to me.... http://www.modelcars...34#entry1024069









SCORE! Found my holiest of Grails

06 October 2013 - 09:46 PM

I had to share this with everyone. I`ve been looking for this truck for a while without much luck and then last week I found one on E-Bay that was open but the seller wasn`t too sure if all the parts were there and he wanted a silly amount for it. I almost bought it anyway but my gut said to stay away. I always go with my gut but I was still bummed to be so close yet so far away.

A couple hours later I stumble onto Deans Hobby Stop. Never been there before, seemed like a cool site, so I started poking around and lo and behold!!!! My holiest of grails still sealed and priced at a reasonable $24.99. I couldnt get out my Visa fast enough.


Its not anything ultra rare or exotic but has a lot of meaning to me. It was a gift to me when I was a little kid by a loved one that was an even littler kid who passed away at a young age. I still miss him very much. The original went through many renditions and I still actually have it but its no where near stock condition anymore. I have wanted to find one to build in its original form to honor his memory for quite a while, so to find this was one of the best gifts I could ever receive. I`m pumped!!


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I confess. I had a tear in my eye when I opened this up for the very first time.

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