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  1. Have Been away for some time, Still building, But spending time on facebook groups as its so easy to snap a picture of what I finished, or am working on and upload instantly i now have a Kid count of 3 2 girls and a Boy to pass on all my "junk" as the wife calls it onto looks like the site is trying to merge into facebook land? actually Made 5 groups of my own and look forward to start shareing again if the way to upload pictures has changed will be browsing the pages again ~Danno
  2. very nice! hey do i know you from somewhere Jesse Talmage?
  3. wow nice job id like to get one even tho its not the greatest
  4. wow great builds, great dio! love the gasser chevy especially very 2 lane blacktop like
  5. very nice build great way to remember a person with a build saw this on FB as well
  6. I drive a 2004 saturn Ion REDLINE (lsj) its got a Eaton roots supercharger ontop the intake its 205 hp from a 2.0 ecotec 5 speed manual gearbox! family + Fun
  7. must be ford germany? looks like member is from germany looks like old leftovers from previous ranger and explorer mixxed with the newer body very neat!
  8. very nice save/ and restoration Al I traded my monoco 2 door to John J.r. here at mcm think he mentioned hes working away at restoreing it
  9. how have you been mark, been busy around here! never guess what, Kris Morgan of Madd Resisns asked if i wanted to master him up a 85 / 86 GT / LX notch and hatch for him to produce in Resin I was rather flattered, i look forward to tradeing again sometime soon
  10. Wow my pc laptop really was super dusty! i log into mcm and wow whole new world lots has changed for the better it looks! I feel really bad since we took the plunge into smart phones, i spend almost all of my time trolling facebook feeds veiwing various groups and the builds going on in them It is so easy to snap a pic and upload it right to f.b. pages, I Even figured out how to make my own page its FORD and ford, lincoln, mercury related model builds only if i'm allowed to advertise it i will post it up here later on so in conclusion i've been away some time, But i'm welcoming myself back hope to post some of my many MANY ongoing builds, unless i still have to photobucket? if i do i need to upload all my pics first lol
  11. i have a old magazine add i laminated for that cavalier! a wolf in sheeps skin it states! great looking car and great looking models I have the earlier mpc cavalier hatchback one will be chevy, the other is being converted to a j2000 hatch
  12. wow mite as well throw donks on that bad boy eh? its already lifted high enough! It reminds me of those old mpc Zingers
  13. sveral months back i did a Trade for an original bigfoot monster truck kit, for a ford exp mpc kit i want to say John??? anyways if this was you that i traded with i think i sent some extra "stuff" including a 36 fort painted teal colored ford grabber greenish i found spare parts to that car after the move! a hood and sides and the front grille if this was you that i traded with please let me know so the parts can make it home to the rest of the vehicle!
  14. Great trade with B-body fan (mike) he Raked in and got a 3 for 1 LOL double dragster kit makes 2 complete cars..... now my wife can stop nagging me cause i got rid of 3 cars and only took in 1 van ! thanks again mike look forward to future tradeing!
  15. love it great work I need one of the annivarsary kits!
  16. i thought you were talking about the Rock band velejo lol
  17. Erik i have so many projects I tend to go from one to another very often sometimes i think this is to minimize mistakes, but i tend to find on some builds i just wand "done" i will omit certain details that don't bother me like leaving a chrome gas filler cap off, door handles, or perhaps a spoiler....... sometimes if i want a kit done faster i will just not do things that i like to such as engine wires, or leave coils and distributors off the engines. I do love the fact of the hobby that if put together correctly our little scale vehicles can be "REBUILT" i tend to find myself updating or changing up alot of older builds like switching rims and tires, or motor swap
  18. ford mustang foxbody weehls circa 80-83 or 84? 85 foxes went ten hole wheels and alot of 79- 84 had the crazy metric "trx's" those were the common wheels and steelies and the wire hubcaps you whhhaaaaaaaat (slaps forehead) Douh! i woulda loved to have them!
  19. thanks Brian And all my dad has had a couple of those old Capri II's back in the day i remeber them as a kid good german engineered 6 bagger cars
  20. some updated progress pics fitting revell chassis to mpc resin body..... mach ups with svt rims
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