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  1. Simpleman added a post in a topic '64 Plymouth Belvedere   

    One of my favorite cars and you did a fantastic job on it , nice to see someone get the detail on the tail lights right.
  2. Simpleman added a post in a topic What are you?   

    I was in the automotive business for more than forty years mostly in the body end but learned to do it all ( body,mechanical and upholstery ). Heart and cancer has left me disabled for the last year or so and when I fell up to it I still try to do a few models , most restoring older kits or special builds . My wife and I also owned a body shop and car lot but the body work was my love.
  3. Simpleman added a post in a topic What would they be?   

    Think there are more older builders who have stuff put away than most realize , being 58 myself got some I have never wanted to part with dating back many years . Not a matter of what I could sell them for but more sentimental value.
  4. Simpleman added a post in a topic Up or down top for the 53 Chevy   

    Looks like I might need to find a distress FM car to find all I need to achieve this build , i have seen two that were done in the pass but never ask where they got the parts to do the build. Might be something hopefully a resin caster might add in the future , always like the 54 Chevy better than the 53 .
  5. Simpleman added a post in a topic R.I.P. Larry Hagman   

    I knew Larry had been in ill health fighting cancer for awhile , I was kind of surprised he was playing his old role as JR in the new Dallas series , the original cast members made the new series worth watching again. Guess they will play JR out something like they did Jock Ewing . RIP Larry Hagman
  6. Simpleman added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Up or down top for the 53 Chevy
    Wanting to convert my 53 Belair to a 54 convertible , I figure the grill and tail lamps wont be a problem to find. My question is are there any casters who make one , going to e-mail Don at Modelhaus and check with him tomorrow. Tried the parts in my 51 kit and 55 but nether are close but maybe could rework something else. Thanks for any help any member could give me. .
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  7. Simpleman added a post in a topic Remember when?   

    I remember those days well Al , kits could be found in most any drug store or even the corner grocery store. Many of my kits were bought from a variety of places in Dayton Ohio where I grew up in the 50ies and 60ies. I remember one hobby shop on 3rd Ave in Dayton that would build a new kit up unpainted and display it in the window. I would stop in there on those summer days and just look and talk to the owner , never had the money to buy all the one's I wanted LOL.
  8. Simpleman added a post in a topic 1980 Chevy Citation Non-X11   

    Likeing that , something you dont see everyday , super clean build
  9. Simpleman added a post in a topic MIDNITE   

    Nice looking build up, love those T-Birds
  10. Simpleman added a post in a topic 71 Daytonas and Superbirds   

    I worked in Orlando Fla on HWY 50 next to Massy Grindle Dodge and only remember one to ever hit the lot , it didnt sit but a few days before being sold and one other one traded in a few months later. Had a friend who worked in the body shop the and we would go out onthe lot after he got of work and look at all the Challenger and Chargers that sat on the lot.
  11. Simpleman added a topic in General   

    Another New Guy
    Been lurking this form for sometime , enjoyed reading and seeing all the great build ups member have posted. I my self dont build like I did at one time because of eye site but still much enjoy and support the hobby. I got into the hobby about 50 years ago and like a lot of you got more than I'll ever get biult but still trying to finish off some of those left behide on the self. So for now just a big hello to everyone.
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  12. Simpleman added a post in a topic 71 Daytonas and Superbirds   

    Here one that got my attention , the car that could have been back in the day

  13. Simpleman added a post in a topic '50 Olds convertible   

    Best 50 Olds project I have seen so far , been thinking about this one as well but I'll be watch yours
  14. Simpleman added a post in a topic '56 Chevy Dirt Track car...some guy I know.   

    Great job , brings back a lot of memories.
  15. Simpleman added a post in a topic 1966 Chevelle wagon   

    I like it , looks good