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  1. Thank you, Don. I've been trying to find your Fiat here, but I wasn't succesful...
  2. Hallo, I finished this puppy last week. I added some wires and used the embossing powder for the carpet. Oil wash was used for the interior and the chassis. The first picture was taken in the photo tent at the local competition. Thank you for your attention, comments and criticism are welcome.
  3. Rest In Peace, Harry. Thank you for all the beautiful models you have shared with us.
  4. Hallo, I just finished this bike. It's a nice kit, I had no problems during the build. Some wires and hoses were added, I also drilled the cannon barrels and closed the inner sides of munition clusters. I headed for a slightly used look and I'm sure that the Dark Knight will wash it as soon as possible...
  5. Beautiful! Love the paint job!
  6. Thank you. Yes, it was a headache-friendly build. Thanks. I'm sure that you could build it easily! Thank you, Alan.
  7. Thanks. I used the toothpick and the pin for detailing. Sometimes the tip of the pin wasn't sharp enough. It was driving me crazy.
  8. Hallo, this is my latest creation, the 1/72 Velorex. It's an Eduard kit, whis is quite new and contains about 40 parts including photoetched parts. The Velorex is an iconic czech car. We call it "hadraplán" which means "rugplane". It's a trike with chain driven rear wheel and motorcycle engine. If you want to know more about this legend, you can read an article on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velorex I was heading for a kind of steampunk look. The propeller in the back is just for fun. Interior (unfinished build) Comparison with my 1/25 Hudson Hornet: Thank you for attention!
  9. Thank you, Jason. There was no template for the nose, I used Tamiya tape to mask it.
  10. Thank you, Don. Wish you good luck with the kit!
  11. Beautiful, I especially like the dashboard!
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