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  1. Ok i have looked at everystore where i live and cannot find and future and the hooby shop only carries little bottles of acrlic how much is need to mix it with food coloring
  2. But even some of the ones we think are common where we live might be hard to find in other parts of the us so people pay more than what you think they would go for i know this from experience on ebay
  3. Like for example i sold a tire lot that wieghed almost five pounds it brought over 30 bucks just for a buch of old tires ill never use
  4. Ive sold on ebay and make more than i execpted off otlf cars id figure only would bring the starting bid it fairly cheap on fees you can list for free up to so many items and they take like 10/20% of the selling price no different then a auction u go to anywhere else
  5. Oic mine was a old release hope i dnt have that problem when i build the boyds edition
  6. Are you guys building the newer releases or the orginail realeases
  7. So since this is a orgninal release finding parts will be next to impossiable then?
  8. Is there a difference between the concept camaro and like the 09/10 model cars
  9. No i built a 55 56 nomads and they sit level mine that did that was my catalina
  10. it has sit inthe open attic 20+ years he had it forever
  11. My uncle gave me this car to restore or ? But i dont know what kind of car it is
  12. I paint and have used the heads of lego people
  13. how do i do this exactly I cant find future in my area what can i sub it with
  14. Theres a cool one on ebay someone made a limo out of on ebay heres a pic of it
  15. I traded with the following and they went smooth: Wheels s.Svendsen turbokitty
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