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  1. Joe, you are correct. That is an option. The point is that I should not have to make repairs to a broken cab, a major part, and poorly plated chrome in a brand new kit. Swap meet buy, second hand kit, out of production kit, of course there are risks. As modelers and craftsmen, we deal with those issues. Comes with the territory. I test fit the cab to the interior and the cab needs a bit of stretching to fit. Might crack the repair, that would be a shame after al of the work to finish a cab..........
  2. I need a cab for my Revell Kenworth K100 kit. It has the broken eindshield center post and bad chrome. I placed my request, jumped through the requisite hoops and was deemed worthy of a new parts. Sadly, since the parts didn't ship by the (I think) April deadline, I seem to be that I am SOL, too. I'll try an email to them? and see if that helps.
  3. If you still have the ruined resin body, why don't you try some two-part automotive putty putty on it in a discreet location. If it works, you might even be able to save the first body shell. Good Luck!
  4. I've had good luck with Spastix mirror chrome spray and their ultimate clear. You don't need an airbrush for Spastix. Alclad has a good reputation, too but they require an airbrush to apply.
  5. Got my issue last week and it's great to have Model Cars in my hand again. Gregg, I'm sorry you're taking heat for the delays. When you're a small company life can get in the way, I understand first hand. This was my first issue as a subscriber and it took a while to get. I'm just glad you are still putting out the best magazine for our hobby. I noticed we didn't have anything from Tim Ahlborn and he has been MIA from the Forum for a while. Anyone know if Tim is OK and if he will be doing the column for the magazine anymore?
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