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  1. capsgs added a post in a topic Chi-Town Hustler   

    From everything I've read on these kits from their announcement, they were to be replicas of the "Newstalgia" cars. That said, I am completely impressed that Revell molded an accurate chassis for the CTH. If you think about it, this chassis is only good for one car as it is a one off. Some of us get pretty hung up on the "rivit" factor. (myself included) I've come to realize that there will never be a kit that will be a museum quality representation out of the box. That's what makes this so much fun in my opinion. One thing for sure these are the first "new" tool F/C in maybe 10-15 years. Buy them up my friends and let Revell know that we will support future releases. There are a lot of cars that will be able to be done if the Hawaiian has an accurate Logghe chassis in it.
  2. capsgs added a post in a topic Butch Leal T-bolt question   

    Folks, trust me on this one. This very subject was thoroughly researched by another group of hard core modellers that I belong to and included correspondence from Butch Leal himself. The car was never black!!!

  3. capsgs added a post in a topic sandable vs non-sandable primer   

    Plasticoat for me. I think it sands better than any other, until you get into white primers. None of them no matter what brand sand all that well. For light colors I use Tamiya white.
  4. capsgs added a post in a topic Lets see your older kits   

    Here's a few of my older ones. As you can see I'm a drag car nut.

  5. capsgs added a post in a topic Vette Altered   

    Thanks guys for the comments. As I stated this was a very fun build and even squeaked in a few new techniques.

  6. capsgs added a post in a topic Vette Altered   

    Hmmmm Maybe!!! I don't know. Do you frequent the Spotlight Hobbies board? <G>
  7. capsgs added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Vette Altered
    I finished this one a while back. It features scratch built coil overs, fuel pump, injector nozzles, parachute, home made decals and seat is made from brass. paint is HOK candy red over ultra gold base with no clear. It was a fun build.

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  8. capsgs added a post in a topic New Body From Tdr Innovations   

    Well seeing as you let some of the cats out of the bag, I would suggest that you do an engine that has never been represented in scale correctly. The Ford SOHC motor. In 25th scale, as long as it wasn't too expensive, I'd buy a dozen right off the bat.

  9. capsgs added a post in a topic 1971 Hemster Cuda...   

    Very clever!!!

  10. capsgs added a post in a topic Looking for post/link to 1959 Drag Movie?   

    I think the movie your talking about is "Ingenuity In action", but it's from 1958. Here's a link to Youtube. There are 5 parts.


  11. capsgs added a post in a topic Christmas Haul   

    I got an empty checking account for Christmas. Does that count? LOL
  12. capsgs added a post in a topic "Real" wire wheels   

    Well Ben,

    You could always make your own. Here's a link to a tutorial.


  13. capsgs added a post in a topic Getting RAMBUNCTIOUS   

    The P/L kits were such a treat because it had been a long time since any of the manufacturers offered a kit with a Logghe style chassis. They are decent, with just a few easily correctable problems. In my opinion the JoHan Logghe chassis was the best. Too bad those molds ended up in the debacle. I am looking forward to seeing what Revell comes up with in the new kits. You have done a wonderful job on this build, especially considering the time doing it. One thing about building old drag cars is that it is very academic. Those cars changed from day to day let alone week to week.

  14. capsgs added a post in a topic ALPS PRINTED DECALS   

    Alps printers are still available new, but you would have to order it from New Zealand. It will cost you about $900 us. Supplies are still available, but are expensive. There are a couple of distributors in the US that carry supplies. You can purchase a used machine for between $350 and $550, depending on the model,but it's buyer beware. These machines are very finicky and prone to problems if not cared for properly. Also there is a quite steep learning curve in the use of these machines and the graphics software to draw the decals. However if your up to the challenge the results can be quite rewarding.