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  1. thank god the steering wheel is on the right side of the car for once....... (Tongue firmly in cheek). Awesome as always John. That chrome finish is stunning, well the whole model is stunning but the shine on that chrome in the sunlight is amazing. Alwaya inspirational work, thanks for sharing. And thanks for sharing the journey of each model as well. It's fabulous to see how each of your creations comes together.
  2. Okay. Nice try. “shaggin’” and “dizzy”. There is no way that you are not Australian. I cannot believe that someone who has not lived here for most of their life could do this. There are guys here in Oz that are just jaw dropping at this. Not only is it Incredibly fine work, but RC as well? Well sorry I’m just not buying it. Fess up, come on. You live on Sydney beaches don’t you? insanely good Preston just insanely good.
  3. Shawn, Funny you should say that, because I too have struggled with a range of things, even though from the outside it loos like I am doing fine. I came across your work, at the 2014 stage, and was totally blown away not by the construction, but by the level of possibilities it opened up for me. My mind literally expanded as a result, and for the first time in about 20 years, I felt hope. Sounds corny to even say it, and that some people might look at that and say it's a bit extreme, but for me that was the experience, and I started to work on a similar thing. I had drive, purpose and it made the rest of my life more inspiring. I can't ever thank you enough for that hope. It came by chance and by luck, and you were just doing your thing, but it helped me to come good again, when I really didn't even know that I needed it. That said I can totally understand what you are talking about. I can see how you can look at this and be not inspired at all to work on it, and I can understand how that is for you. Even if you never pick it up again, you inspired many people, with hope, ideas and just the fact that it is possible. Even if it sits there, it is a legacy that I will be forever grateful for. To those who want to try it, give it a go. Follow Shawn's process and you will be amazed at how well something can come together. Yes there are challenges, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it. But if you just start you will be amazed at what your hands can produce, and you might just inspire others. Thanks again Shawn.
  4. Shawn, I am writing, as along with a whole lot of modellers, we were all stunned at your effort. I was one who saw a whole new world of modelling open up to me, never ever thinking that I would have some genuine Australian vehicles in my collection. Like Shoey in Australia - (For those who don't know head over the ozmodelbuilders forum and check it out), this was more than just an update on scratch building this was really life changing. I started to develop a Holden Gemini, based purely on the fact that you had posted your effort. Like another contributor here who is building an RC 1:10 Holden Sandman wagon, the creation of something from flat plastic is magic to me. Like John Teresi who on this forum produces miracles, in the form of models, makes things from nothing, these are skills and gifts that most of us don't have. But I can assure you that we get so so much from all of your posts, that is immeasurable. We gain inspiration, hope and desire to model, and tongue in cheek threaten to throw it all in and take up macrame, out of sheer frustration at your skills, but truly we all hope that some of your wisdom and ideas will rub off on us. That said, I understand when you lose motivation. I've had my materials packed away now for a couple of years, due to a range of issues, and problems in my life, but I itch every time I think about it, I desperately want to get my hand on plastic again. And I will as soon as my home life allows me to. Shawn, I hope that something in your life is bringing you joy, and that somewhere there is the desire to start this again, because so many modellers here and in Australia and around the world marvel at your talent and persistence. i just hope we get to see this project reach it's conclusion because truly it would be a great loss to the Australian and the rest of the modelling community if we didn't get to see your creations completed. Hope all is good.
  5. Can you hear that sound? That's the sound of my throwing all my tools, kits and magazines in the bin. Not in a million years am I going to get anywhere like that. You've got the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH fanbelt turning, are you for frigging real?, are you even human? And just for an encore, you chuck in a lazy scratch built V8, and then to rub salt in the wound, figure why not and replicated it. I'm hurting here, real bad. Your talent is unreal, the subject matter brings a tear to this Aussie's heart, and you are completely smashing this one into orbit. I have no more words, I just bow at your feet and sob.......
  6. Unfrigging believeable. I still cannot believe you are not part Aussie. Just awesome. The finish is brilliant, the dimensions and the look is simply stunning. I repeat my offer to sponsor your application for Australuan citizenship. Bloody unreal mate.
  7. There are quite a few Australians I know that would tear up at the effort you put in to find the right General Motors Holden Colour for your creation. I suspect that if you ever need to visit our shores that you don't bother applying for a visa, just rock up to our embassy and show them your model. No true blue Aussie would ever knock you back from coming to our country. Australian modellers are really limited in "our" cars, having to heavily modify or scratch build our pride and joy. And here you are clearly showing us how it is done. You my friend are a truly modeller and thank you for sharing us, and reminding me of how iconic some of our cars were. You rock.
  8. Fantastic work, just love seeing this come together. Well done mate
  9. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH thats clever Robert. Well Done mate Apologies for the Blah blah blah that just posted automatically in my last post, not meant as a comment....
  10. Darryl, First off thanks for the interest and the feedback. Yes I found a similar scenario when I researched and came across the link you posted. What I found most interesting is that the original one off that was built for the show was based on that Lark chassis, and then the company started to invest in designing their own chassis as you correctly point out. The kit is such a mish mash of parts and components that I was spending so much time trying to determine the history of the car, even to the point that I contacted what remains of Excalibur automobiles to see if they would send some information. I never heard back so I plowed on. I stumbled across an Excalibur on Flickr that I decided had the best series of photos of a single vehicle. And so my project was born. I aim to produce a later version of the first series of Excaliburs that has been driven enough that a full restoration has been undertaken. The story I am to show with the model is that the small block Chevy remains, but some of the bolt on components have changed. I have a picture of the original supercharger and am contemplating scratch building one, but I will wait and see. At this stage, life got in the way and I have not had much time to get back to this kit, and am still trying to scratch build an intake manifold. Once that is done then the block can be finalized, and mounted to the chassis so I can then run the running gear, gearbox, shaft, etc. Your point about the Corvette suspension is noted, and I think the reference car I am using as a basis has corvette components just a case of reviewing my references again. Thanks so much for the interest and I hope to do the model justice in the long run.
  11. Sometimes you can pick up a Resin body such as those at www.scaleautomobilia.com.au. Not in any way flogging the company, but I think they are the only ones who carry them at all. I also know of a few very talented Aussie modelers who scratch and cast their Falcons and Holdens. Sadly not a big enough interest for mainstream production but that comes with the territory. There is an Aussie car modelling website - Australian Automotive Model Builders that you can check out if you haven't already for some of the scratch building and heavy modifying of American cars into Aussie Muscle.
  12. I had to double check the location to make sure that you weren't posing from Australia. Makes an Aussie so proud to see a holden being scratch built. I have dabbled in scratch building and my brother is nagging me for a 1/12 HX panel van sandman. I am pouring over your photo's to see how you did it. I suspect that you might be an expat, and if not, well you bloody well should apply for citizenship. You'd be a shoe in with skills like that. Have you finished it?
  13. Bugger mate. Sorry to hear that. Worst thing that you can take from a modeller is the ability to model, especially when he can't do much else. Hope the pain can be managed with amber medicine and I hope you make a speedy recovery.
  14. John, I've bookmerked this page and poured over the pictures and your text, and watched with amazement the clean nature of this build. I am sorry that I have not commented before now, but I am not sure what I coould ahve said that wasn't simply admiring your work. I have this kit and have got back into modelling after a long break, and hope I can turn out something about 15% as good as yours. Please keep posting pictures of your work as I am a big big fan. Congratulations and thanks again for sharing. Kind Regards from Down Under.
  15. More progress on the frame. Keeping the flipping thing even is a challenge, but I've blocked out the remainder of the front of the chassis, and thinned out and removed a heap of material that was just plain wrong. While I was waiting for the fourth lot of putty to dry, I started on the intake manifold. I am basing it on the Edelbrock manifold as below I thought I would share how I am going to make this part as the kit part is just sh$t So I measured out and cut a section of styrene, scored both sides to give me the flanges, and filled the gaps with stretched sprue. Then using the image I measured out the flange pattern and created a template in post notes and attached to the side of the piece and ground and filed the shape, then repeated for the other side. It doesn't look to bad on the engine block. From here I will build up the detail and add it to the bottom piece of the manifold.
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