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  1. Ragnar added a post in a topic What's the story behind your user name/avatar?   

    My user name is my Radio call sign from 1967. My Avatar is the fastest 1/32 GT Car in the Area. I first set up that Mosler over four years ago and it has never lost a race! Even though it is a totally stock as it came from the factory parts wise. I just went through the car and set it up to have a perfectly flat chassis, and friction free bushings and properly meshed gears. I made sure I trued the wheels and Tyres to where they are perfectly true, and I replaced the rear tyres with Yellow Dogs( which is legal under the rules for factory GT) I also replaced the front tyres with Slotit Zero Grips. The rules actually allow changing the gears and wheel to metal one, but I have retained the factory plastic gears, as they are lighter. The Car is now Banned at two of the Traccks I run at, so I am now running a Supra that is winning the Races
  2. Ragnar added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    The mail brought the photoetch parts from MCG that I need for a couple of Muscle Cars I am working on!
  3. Ragnar added a post in a topic Looking for decals maker software?   

    I use Photo Shop, but it isn't cheap! you can use any image making software to make decals, just make sure the background is set as clear!
  4. Ragnar added a post in a topic Alclad   

    If you do it that way, it will look like the metal gold!
  5. Ragnar added a post in a topic What are the best types of airbrushes?   

    I would agree on the Paasche H model as the very best single action airbrush and a good one to start with, but when you want to move up to a Double Action I recomend the Paashe VL, or Talen siphon models, and for a fine detail brush the Talon Gravity Feed. You can't Buy a better brush than the ones made by Paasche. I have tried IWATA Brushes and I own one , But they are no better than the Paasche Brushes, they just cost three times as much or more. Badgers are no where as good as the Paashe. I haven't tried the Grex becase I am not comfortabl with a pistol grip airbrush.
    The Paasche is the oldest brand of airbrush in the world, because they were the original airbrush, starting in 1904, and they are american made!
  6. Ragnar added a post in a topic SCREAMING YELLOW ZONKER   

    That is some Wild Tyres!
  7. Ragnar added a post in a topic My 1953 Hudson Hornet   

    Great colour combo, and great looking foil work. I will be a very nice looking Hudson!
  8. Ragnar added a post in a topic 1/25 scale Buick Nailhead   

    Sorry I got that Backwards, it has been Awhile since I built either of those kits, and You are correct about the coupe having the Nailhead. I just looked in my stash and the Coupe has a nailhead but not a very good one. I looked threw my old Plans file and the Olds in the 40 Sedan isn't bad for the time period the kit was made in, but it hasn't been in production for a long time. The new Revell 50 Olds is going to be a much better engine with a lot more detail! Revell Hurry and Release The Olds!

    There is No way that I am going to take the Motor out of my Orange Crate, that kit is just to hard to replace!
  9. Ragnar added a post in a topic Cult of ORIGINALITY! Show Us Your Style   

    I think with me it is my determination to get the details right. Things like only using semi gloss paint on ccars from the thirties and not using any parts on my Early Hot Rods that wasn't available during the period the car is supposed to be from. I also spend a lot of time detailing my builds to look correct for their period.

    But I'm still not exactly sure why it is that I can always recognise who built certain cars. I just know that when I see a model built by people like Tim, Lyle Willets, Barry Fadden, Donn, or You Virgil I recognise who built it. There are other peoples builds I also recognise when I see them!
  10. Ragnar added a post in a topic 1/25 scale Buick Nailhead   

    AMT's 40 ford sedan, and Pickup both have a Nail Head with three Deuces. But a better choice is the Resin Nail Head from The Parts Box. I have used the one from The Parts Box in three Builds, and I have one that will go in my 25 Ford Chopped Coupe that is inspired by The LA Choppers Build: Bad News. Bad News has a 51 Olds in it, but right now there isn't a good early Olds available. I'm looking forward to Revells release of the 50 Olds!
  11. Ragnar added a post in a topic So Into Building You Forgot To Stop?   

    We all need to be careful not to do what I did,and endangered my health. I was trying to get them done so that I could paint them this weekend. I still need to modify the bodies of three of them before I can paint them, and I now have hands that are too sore to work with!
    It would be so much easier if Revell had actually made an accurate COPO Body instead of just using the Body from the SS. I know that most people who buy the kit don't Know the Differance. But my hands do after using a chissel and sanding the area smooth
  12. Ragnar added a topic in General   

    So Into Building You Forgot To Stop?
    Have you ever Gotten so intto building you forgot to stop? I started Washing and cleaning up five 69 Novas Tuesday evening and got so into it that I didn't notice the time. Next thing I knew it was 6:AM, and my Daughter was getting her son up for school. I put away the one I was working on and, ate a little breakfast with them, and went to bed. My wife says that she tried several time during Wed. to wake me up but couldn't. I didn't wake up until after Midnight, and when I did my blood glucose was only 39, and I almost blacked out before I could get a couple of Glucose Tablets into me. Also the joints of both my hands are swollen.
    I am going to have to be more careful about how long I work on My Builds!
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  13. Ragnar added a post in a topic 66 Nova   

    Other than the engine being against the firewall, It looks Great!
  14. Ragnar added a post in a topic V8 Supercars in the USA   

    I love watching the V8 Super Cars! They actually look like the cars sold by Holden and Ford, instead of the template cloes that run in NASCAR. As far as I am concerned Bathhurst is the best race of the year and I look forward to it every year. I see that next Season Nisan will enter a team in The Super Cars. I wonder how well that will work out?
  15. Ragnar added a post in a topic Ever wonder about Dr. Cranky   

    The Doc is a big part of this Forum. Virgil I hope you will always be a part of this Group!