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  1. I heard that report about him possibly walking while watching the F1 race this past weekend. I thought it seemed kinda odd since all the secrecy around his condition. I think it was Saturday qualifying I heard that.
  2. The gold Bulldog used to represent "Pure Bred". All Mack, suspension, trans, engine, axles, everything. Who knows now that Volvo has Mack.
  3. Saw these 2 last week on my to Vegas. I was loaded (80000 lbs) climbin a hill, they were light or empty. Took a couple pics of some new trucks at Peterbilt on Monday last week. The mint green and yellow trucks are sister trucks. The VINs are in sequence. They both have 500 horse Cummins with 18 speeds. The cream and brown truck has a 500 Cummins and a 13 speed with air ride Reyco and no axle blocks on the steer. I sat in the yellow truck. It is a really nice truck. Comfy leather seats and a HOOD!
  4. What you have done so far looks great. Black is the common color from factory. Most chassis roll off the line black and then if ordered a different color, it's then painted before the cab and other things are assembled. The red is a nice choice, and a black frame would look like it just rolled out of the factory.
  5. Moluminum.com Double Replicas... http://kdhumphr.wixsite.com/double-take-replicas#!124-wheels-and-rims/c1f0g
  6. That is a good lookin 352. I really like the custom touches. Paint looks great.
  7. Oh boy, oh boy. That truck looks great man. My wife is gonna be made though. I gotta get another BST truck to build in another color. This looks great in blue. Congrats on the hardware.
  8. It is a Vulcan unit, with metal cabinets. I'm not sure what the model number is though. There's a large tow company here in town that has a couple like that one.
  9. Great lookin progress on this service truck. You don't see many off highway service truck around here. I agree totally about Ryan's stuff. I should be receiving my order from him in a few days. Got more stacks, visors and bumpers. Love his stuff. With a guy like him the aftermarket, it sure makes building custom trucks better.
  10. I was about 4 when I watched my dad build me the Mack firetruck snapkit. I was amazed that the pile of parts turned into a firetruck. Then I think I was around 8 when I built my first kit myself. It was an AMT 67 Camaro. I painted it dark blue, no decals, I didn't know how to do them. I think I learned how to do decals around 12 or so. I took a break for about 10 years, then picked it up again about 3 years ago.
  11. Just be glad it's not the VA. They will just throw pills at you until your dead. My friend that just recently passed away fought a stomach problem for over 15 years. He was a truck driver, worked for small Mom and Pop companies most of his life, no insurance at any of them. He was an Army Vet, so he at least that. But, they had him on 6 Prilosecs a day for the stomach acid, never once tried to figure out the cause. 15 years, he did this till one day, in the truck, at a truck stop, luckily not too far from his sister, his colon exploded. They then found he had cancer. So they removed his colon. Never checked for anymore cancer anywhere. A year later, at a regular hospital, which decided to direct bill the VA or get a lawyer to get them to pay, found he had stage 4 liver cancer. He lived 2 years after his colon was removed. The VA tried to give him the runaround. But that local hospital, to him, had other plans. He lived in western South Dakota, near Rapid City, about 2 hours north of it. I'm really glad to see that your Dr's caught it early and are very optimistic. Too bad the "system" has to be difficult. My wife and son have had to play the system game since he was born. They're doing better now and the issues have all but gone away, requiring the need of the system, for now. Be strong Harry, I can't begin to imagine the pain your going through. Like what everyone else is saying, same goes for me. You'll get through this, come out the other side of this stronger.
  12. Michael, you are correct. This little gem is indeed a Lambretta.
  13. I was working at a lumber yard, in the door shop as a laborer/driver, driving a 1 ton flatbed Chevy pulling a 16 foot A-frame trailer for hauling pre-hung doors. I walked in that morning, they were talking about it like it was Cessna that hit, at that point only 1 plane hit. Then once we got the shop rollin and turned the radio on, we knew how severe the situation. It was about an hour into the day when the 2nd plane hit. After that, the news of the Pentagon and Pennsylvania came in. No more work was being done, not even in the lumber yard. It was dead, no customers, no phone calls, very erie. By first break, the TV was setup and we all were sitting in a circle around it. The GM was there too. It was terrible to say the least. It just didn't feel safe that day. I dont/didn't remember driving home that day. It was really tough the next morning, things were still really quiet, they were for the rest of that week.
  14. Good deal. Lookin forward to gettin this in my hands. Can't wait.
  15. I do, just like it was yesterday. Still seems so surreal.
  16. Today is a day we all will never forget, where we were that day. Let's remember those who parishes that day, and those who have since, protecting our freedom.
  17. I get its their right to protest. But I do not agree with the reasons. It is disrespectful. Today of all days, they should stand proud and be thankful they're able to play Football.
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