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  1. Thought I'd start a sister thread to the Falcons. This is what I'm starting with. So let's see what you got finished or a project.
  2. Lovely! Great color choices and subtle mods, liking the radi cap! Are the tail lights hidden?
  3. I like it and you did a good job with the front axle. The paint and over all cleanly built model is a winner for me, no matter how high the front end is. How did you tint the windows? PS, I was going to say, Let the gasser purists begin urging but I see we are there already.
  4. Interesting build, you have my attention...
  5. James2

    Comet fun

    That is a sweeeet model right there....
  6. Very interesting project, mind if I follow along...
  7. Thanks Tim, the PU roadster and green bote have been an inspiration since it was published. I guess half is better than none! The bote is still a WIP. Body is in primer now and I'm working on the altered interior. The engine is a combo of resin<PB and scratch made pieces. And of course the matching tow rig...
  8. And now back to our regularly scheduled programing....
  9. Love it! both the subject and the model are b@d@ss! I wish that body was available still....
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