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  1. World class build, very nice job sticking with it for so long. One question. Now that it's complete, what would you have done differently?
  2. Amazingly recreated and imagineered. I like everything about it, except the hair hanging off the bumper!
  3. Inspiring as always Tim, thanks for sharing. The link is the build I did after reading the original story you posted.
  4. Nice, clean building and my favorite color too!
  5. So I have inquired and the response is favorable! My buddy is now searching the archives for the Vic and when he finds I will be in business. This should be interesting because i have never gotten back a model that I let go before. If you have let me know what happen?
  6. I should check on it shouldn't I?
  7. "Unsafe at any speed" Exactly right and no airbags either, we die like men! Great subject matter and imagineering on this one especially the V-drive.
  8. Great subject for a project, you have my attention...
  9. Tim, thanks for sharing these models. I remember the article you wrote up about them and your spray can paint technique which I have occasionally used over the years. Your building style and subject matter has inspired so many and right now I need to go find a Funny Car kit!
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