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  1. I’ll be using the dual carbs. I found some instructions online too, thanx to Drastic Plastics web site.
  2. I did find this and I think I can make it work.
  3. Thanks for the help on the blower. I did a search for McCulloch Blower and found this...
  4. I used that body before also, it was a brick!
  5. Extremely interesting build! You have my attention....
  6. A little something from feebay. Shaved, de-badged and reshaped top edge. Any idea what the circled part is?
  7. This questions means that you are an addict. SAA or Styrene Addicts Anonymous can help. There are many signs of an addict, buying kits just for parts is only one of them. But first you must admit you have a problem. There are many of us here than can walk you through this recovery, it's up to you to seek help. Remember SAA is here for you and your not alone, there is help.... Call the Styrene Hotline at 555 STY RENE
  8. Well I would be we are on lock down here and out of supplies! LOL
  9. Very nicely done K5, well built and clean That's funny about the year. Since the kit doesn't have turn signals up front, I'd say it's a 71 with a 70 bumper?
  10. Never heard of anything, but those panels could be easy enough to make.
  11. I know you’ve seen here for some time, but your not the forum police.
  12. Good looking builds. I decided to mold the tail lights in to look more realistic. Also added door pins to help align and hold the doors in place. I stripped the chrome on the other trim pieces too. I’ll redo that with Molotow after paint.
  13. This^^^^^, I make my own using leftover scrap styrene tubing ....
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