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  1. Well what do ya think? A little more fitting and I think it’ll fit fine…
  2. The hood did look good but even if I ran a carb it would of needed to be cut. The clearance is to close, so as they say, go big or go home…
  3. Switched up intakes, I just could go without a blower…
  4. This was a good decision. Gonna strip it and see about painting body color. I’ll get the hood fit tightened up and keep on the body work.
  5. Very nicely done...
  6. So far I did get the hood lined up better by lowering the grill. It’s just taped on for now. The challenge is going to mate the hood and grill. Here’s the chassis with 40 Ford bracing, the two speed axle and assorted window frames to make one that fits. I’m not sold on the tri carbs just yet. Yes to the tires. Thx
  7. Another unfinished model. This one truly is made up of pieces and parts from various sources. Mostly left overs. I’ll post some close ups of the chassis and engine later.
  8. Mostly the Aurora kit with a few pieces from Revell. Not perfect by any means and definitely out of my wheel house. Full of new challenges and frustration but satisfying to finish. Perfect Match Classic Green Pearl exterior and a custom mix enamel brown leather interior. BMF, Alclad and acrylic for detail.
  9. All three are well done, but the Dodge has me...
  10. Classic Green Pearl sprayed yesterday.
  11. James2

    32 Highboy

    Thanks for the bump and the comments. Here it sits with a Drag City up top!
  12. Couple of quick interior pix. Here to hoping it all lines up for assembly.
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