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  1. "I hear you paint houses. Yes, yes I do"
  2. Sadly I gave up on this one, but I gave it to a friend who is working on it and I'll see if I can get some pix.
  3. Saw this movie last night, and if you haven't seen it I recommended you do. Whether you're into cars or not, this is a good movie. Much of what I saw seems factual and true to the automobile war that took place during the 60's. The racecars, the friendships, the personality conflicts and the business of racing and manufacturing were evident in every scene. In my opinion this is a very well made movie about the men and the machines that help make America. (Endorsed by my wife also)
  4. Do you not believe a man like Musk isn't just testing the waters? Following all the buzz about this vehicle? Soon you'll see something stylish and sellable...
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