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  1. James2

    Random Question?

    Back story. I have a model car that will be smoothed, meaning all the non essential parts are removed or flattened for a smooth look. I want the color to reflect that same idea, so what color best represents the term smooth? I first thought of butter or cream. Chocolate or French silk are close but Iā€™m not sure about a brown car? There are no wrong answers...
  2. James2

    Random Question?

    What color would "SMOOTH" be? Or if you think SMOOTH what color comes to mind? Asking for a friend...
  3. Perhaps he left because of the very thing that has happened in the post?
  4. So I open this thread and start reading, search, seeking through the words and the pictures, seeing in my mind Roth smiling in the background. Wonder who in their right mind would build such a thing? And thinking of a particular model builder I know. Going back to the author of this post and yes, that's the guy! As always I will be watching
  5. Not sure what the start of his leaving this site was, and I guess the reason doesn't matter to anyone but him. Perhaps we should send him a message on his youtube channel?
  6. Nicely done, the Good Guys stickers proves it...
  7. Nice concept, excellent scratching and a perfect stance, what's not to like!
  8. I gotta say, when I saw the first post, I thought we were going to get another one of those bodies with wheels stuck under it and never seen again posts. You have proved me wrong! I'm glad I kept šŸ˜ reading, very nice subject and excellent painting, So Far....
  9. Thanks for sharing and posting the story. I guess we're ALL crazy now....
  10. Nicely done. I don't know if it's the fine, clean building style or you camera setting, but that right there is a superb model....
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