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  1. I have been posting here for over 13 yr now and I have made some wonderful relationships during that time. Some just internet acquaintances others have been more formal and in person. I have found most to by genuine and honest people. I don't share personal things very often but, That being said I would like to share something very personal to me and my family. On 6/21/20, Fathers Day morning I awoke to find my oldest child, Cody James lying in the back yard under our swing next to the fire ring where his mother and I were just sitting the night before enjoying a bonfire. Cody had taken his own life sometime after we all went to bed. I can not even begin to explain what happened after that. The thoughts, emotions, fears and tears were and still are over whelming for us. It will be a very long journey trying to navigate through this and process all the things that may have led up to this and an even longer journey moving forward from that tragic day. I share this not to gain sympathy or cause sorry, but to make others aware of something that is considered Taboo. It is a life altering experience no one should ever have forced upon them. But it happens and it happens more often than we all realize! Sep. is Suicide Prevention Month, I hope you would consider that for a moment and take time for one another. You never know if the people around you are doing everything they can to keep from falling apart...
  2. I find it interesting that so many people have so many opinions about something that really does not effect them, except for a small portion of their hobby life. Considering the reasons given for the retirement of the business owners made at the announcement of said retirement, I wish them nothing but the best. And whether someone buys the business or not thank you to them and for their contribution to this crazy hobby we sometimes enjoy....
  3. Not sure what his ailment was but the balloon seemed to cheer him up....
  4. Good for you, I suppose it happens to everyone at some point and for various reasons.
  5. So I did this and didn't find any discussions about the business it self, just saying...
  6. Hope you like it? Whats not to like! Very tastefully done. But how would it be steered?
  7. That’s a good looking model right there. Nice detail and cleanly done. FRW was a great source for short track components, shame they are out of production.
  8. Great looking custom!
  9. Nicely done! I really like how clean and natural it looks in this setting, well done.
  10. James2

    Butter 32

    Thanks Again Guys, I appreciate the kind words and interest.
  11. James2

    Butter 32

    Thank you guys...
  12. James2

    Butter 32

    In all the years and many 32 Fords I've built, I don't believe I ever did a fender version. When I Decided to do one I also decided to use only left over parts from all the other 32's I built. This is the result! Mostly Revell parts, donated tires, Reliable Resin wheels, Alclad chrome and Model Car World paint. The chassis was tubed, rear fenders widened and the body was smoothed just like "Butter". I wanted the wheels to be black at first, but an attempt to lightly spray Alclad Chrome over the black base proved to produce a much better look. at least to me. My skill set has diminished and I haven't spend much time at the bench lately, but I'm happy with this one. I should touch and clean it up some, Thanks for looking....
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