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  1. Merc Rebuild (The Beginning)

    Sure Rick, hope these help. I like the brass wire because of the spring it has and the fact that it does not look heavy. The aluminium tube is slightly wider than the distance between the fender wells which are drilled to accept the hinge. The brass wire has 90* bends that fit in those holes. The slight bend in the middle helps lift the hood up and I installed two pieces of styrene to stop the hinge from flipping forward to far. It's about as simple as I could do it, without over engineering. Here one Rider is doing, it's a lot cleaner than this. Here you can see the engine from the Revell 50 Ford pickup with Ardun heads mocked up.
  2. Merc Rebuild (The Beginning)

    Tiny Steps right now. I have decided on a suitable engine. This will be the set up. I thought I might share the stages of clean up so far. Right is as is from the tree. Middle is cleaned and drilled. I use a small Dremel bit like a file too. Left is touched up with Molotow chrome. I’ll paint the inside of the stack later
  3. '53 Corvette

    Or the model was converted to 12v!
  4. '53 Corvette

    Splendid, one of the nicest looking models. Great effort overcoming the challenge...
  5. Revell 1950 Olds Bumper

    THX TJ!
  6. Merc Rebuild (The Beginning)

    Primer Again. Gonna need quite a bit of smoothing and fitting for the hood but it's headed in the right direction....
  7. Revell 1950 Olds Bumper

    Looking for a rear bumper, if anyone is holding...
  8. Great looking build, really like the work your doing...
  9. Lost Bumper

    I think we have a winner! Now who's holding?
  10. Any guesses what this bumper is from?
  11. Revell ‘66 Shelby GT350

    Have you figured the whole picture posting thing yet?
  12. Nice construction here...