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  1. Love the color choices!
  2. My pen tip has dried out and will not flow. Has anyone had any success fixing this issue? It's the 1MM size.
  3. I managed to get the trim done and apply the white number circles. This model represents one of the Mecom Racing cars as delivered to Nassau. The black edge decal is a separate decal and while it could have been a disaster, they went on without a problem. I used some decal solvent and a hair dryer to help the decals set nicely to the curves of the body. Next some touch up and then final assembly... Below is a picture from Paddock and Friedman Grand Sport book. Thats John Mecom (left) and a young Roger Penske (right). Most likely pleased to have the racer back on dry land.
  4. Simply Stunning modeling here....
  5. Thanks Guys. I started to work on the window trim last night. These cars seem to have the rubber seal only so I decided to go with the BMF, Black Chrome. If you haven't used it before (I Have Not) it is a bit challenging. First of all just getting it off the backing sheet is a trick. Then it seems to loose tack when applying to the subject. And if I burnished it to much the black rubbed off and left a shiny spot! After a couple attempts I think I got a system going that worked well for me. After I did a little touch up with a Sharpie and things look pretty good. I hope to finish the rear window and start final assembly this week end. Maybe! Pix to follow...
  6. James2


    I built a short track car years ago using Tamiya's fluorescent paint over their primer and white gloss and had some lifting issues. I think because the Fluorescent color did not bite into the base color as well as others. You may not have this issue but it might be a good idea to do a test, verses causing any damage. It's a beautiful model you have...
  7. James2


    I think you'll find the orange would lift off with the tape also!
  8. James2


    Will you clear coat before masking the orange?
  9. Curtiss P-6 Hawk. I fell in love with this plane when I first saw it at Wright Patterson Airforce Base Museum, at the ripe old age of seven!
  10. Another exercise in styrene and putty, let the creative juices flow....
  11. Looks real nice BK, I like the finish. I have a resin Coupe body that I actually covered with Bare Metal Foil, it's a some dat build...
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