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  1. I left more paint in my paint tray than I put on the jeep
  2. Resin 1:160 1941 Ford Coe with a scratch built wood flatbed, the wood deck was cut on a silhouette cutter, and the bracing on the bottom was scratch built with. 010x.020 styrene
  3. 1:160 1949 jeep woody finished up, I made it a restoration project with a chipped up blue junkyard hood, and a new fender still in the black gelcoat. And yes it's sitting on a nickel.
  4. Pretty much done, just need to fix or replace the windshield Sorry for the bad pics, my phone can't focus that small
  5. I needed something for the ipms model of the month Contest tomorrow night, so I decided to throw something together quick, a 1:160 rambler dragster
  6. I picked up a 1:160th resin 1968 f850 cab at a show a few months ago and finally decided to start working on it
  7. its worth it, and it can even function as a full working computer... all for $5 https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/raspberry-pi-zero/ http://www.microcenter.com/product/457746/Raspberry_Pi_Zero
  8. just posting an idea since alot has changed since 2011, go buy yourself a raspberry pi zero for $5 hook each of the LEDs to an output and it can all be done in software without complicated wiring
  9. first finished build of 2016 just a beat up old farm truck
  10. think hes going for this http://www.roadkill.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/blasphemi.jpg
  11. im not hijacking the thread, he said hes coming back to modeling so i told him what generation of the kit is the best to by and why, so he doesn't get discouraged after waiting for it to be repoped only to find a ton of flash and warped parts true, but this is modelcarsmag so as far as the general population of this forum is, its just repops i stand by my original statement Ferbz is coming back into the hobby after 10+ years, his skills are rusty, the nicer kit he starts with, the nicer his end model will be, so until he builds up his skill set again go with a late 90s early 2000 pre round 2 version, once hes back on his feet and his skills are back... well mythbusters did prove you can polish a turd anyone who says otherwise is part of the reason the modeling hobby is dying off. tell him the best version to start with get him back into the hobby (like i did) and he will spend far more money with AMT/round2 later, than if he waited for a repop, and got discouraged and left the hobby again after only buying one kit. once we get him back into the hobby spending money and enjoying it, then brett can keep his job, dave can get his trophy series kits and most importantly... Ferbz had a nice kit to start on to get him back into a hobby he will enjoy and can share it to the next generation and keep the hobby alive. back on track (i wont reply to anyone else on that topic) Ferbz you're getting back into the hobby start with the cleanest nicest version you can find, and just before round 2 is about the best
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