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  1. Plasticfanatic added a topic in Wanted!   

    1977 Revell Monte Carlo Body and bumpers
    Looking for Revell 1977 Monte Carlo body and bumpers/grille, if you also have the gass perfect but  if not is OK to, the body and trim is what I am looking for, if anyone have one available please let me know. Thanks in advance!!
    Fred P.
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  2. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Dodge Mirada and 1981 Imperial race cars   

    These are 1/24, any Monogram late 1980's  Nascar Chevy Monte Carlo SS  chassis/rollcage will fit the Dodge Mirada and Imperial from the box (no cutting of the chassis/rollcage needed) , infact the Imperial body will also accept the mid 1980's Monogram Nascar Grand Prix chassis without problem.  Have included a photo of the resin body of the Mirada in the Monogram Chevy Monte Carlo SS so you can see actual fitting. Hope it help.

  3. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Dodge Mirada and 1981 Imperial race cars   

    Here is the final body master sent to SMH Resin for casting and available from them right now. I will be doing the Petty Daytona test car, the ,Arrington Mirada and Marcis car....hope some one do the Marcis decals.

  4. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Ray Williams Torino   

    Look superb!!
  5. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Jo-Han Mercedes 500K Roadster- Slumpbuster!   

    The Mercedes Benz 500/540k' series is my all time favorite classic car of the 1930's, the lines,power and detail of these cars are simply magnificent, your model is equaly a superb looking one, specialy like your color combination, indeed it look stunning as is all your bare metai foil application, a beautiful scale model from all angles and taking in consideration the vintage of the kit the detail looks great.Great work!!!!
  6. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Saw this one, a completely scratchbuilt Bonneville Salt Flats racer in 1/8 scale!   

    It has always been my VERY personal view that unless a scale model is build from an actual 1/1 counterpart and claim that is a scale replica in miniature of that particular vehicle, I will just appreciate the model work and its concept/creativity execution in scale by the builder....I just enjoy seeing superb and inovative scale modeling like this spectacular 1/8 model, the fact that is all from the imagination,craftmanship talent and dedication of a modeler who wanted to do something special and from his own inspiration in design is priceless, I enjoy this magnificent scale model for what it is, a personal expresion of the hands and mind who build it and all the effort to make and/or modified scrap parts to make such a beautiful model in the art of miniature model building.
  7. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    SUPERB project and technics in fabrication, detail and corrections, the fact that you are adding the weather/time effect to this Rolls and not doing a concourse de elegance car, is even more interesting because the scale and how convincing to the eye have to be, you have nail it to the perfect balance.

    The interior seats look great and again with a magnificent age patina, the "wood techniques" for dash and interior panels are indeed an ingenious idea and approach for a pleasant visual look.

    The time and effort you are putting on the body corrections and finish will yield a superb looking model, a thousand miles apart from what one gets building it out of the box, which usually with the original Poches where average to "nice". ..but quite far from scale accurate body shape, as you have shown, attention to original measurement and details in coach works....a much, much better and accurate result will be achieved. Looking forward for more updates on this very special project, have enjoy every single step, technical improvement and innovate ideas...and about time it not worry...the BEST things in life are those that are made with a lot of care, patience, expertise and commitment to archive the best that one can do to reach the final goal...and in my personal opinion, you are getting there.
  8. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 69 Lincoln Continental. Model Of My 1 to 1   

    Great looking replica of your 1/1 car, these cars simply look superb!! I to would love to find one of these 1969 Continental scale models...but the price tag is to much for me. I did convert a 1965 Continental model to the 1969 trim to make my 1969 US Presidential limousine.
  9. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1952 Hudson Jalopy   

    Love the look and color, great project!
  10. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Grumpy Toy Caprice   

    Looks great!!!...remaind me of the Gapp & Roush four door Ford Maveric drag car.
  11. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Dodge Mirada and 1981 Imperial race cars   


    Yes indeed is great to be able to have the more rare cars in the collection to....even more when the decals become available . I will be posting the "bulge" modification soon, is not a difficult addition and will make yet another variation of the same car, I am almost done with the Mirada master body and next week will be on the way to SMH. Once more thanks for your kind words about this project,greatly appreciated.
  12. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Dodge Mirada and 1981 Imperial race cars   

    Here is the resin casting from SMH, I have not cleaned/prep in any way yet, is out of the box...and fit perfectly in the chassis, I am very happy with it and the quality of the casting. Now is going to be clean,primer and painted in the Arrington colors, I will be doing the "back wheel wells bulge" version of this car with another resin body, quite a simple detail to add.

  13. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1/25 late model Mercedes ?   

    0ne of the most recent Modern Mercedes Benz model car was the Tamiya Mclaren 300-SLR and the "722" edition of the same car, they also have a mid/late 1990's 500 SL in AMG trim. Fujimi also did offer some Mercedes but these where sometimes curbside/simplified models.

    Revell Germany have the Modern/current Mercedes Benz 300 SLR production car in "sport trim" and AMG trim if I am not mistaken, is less costly than the Tamiya Mclaren 300 SLR....but... in any case they are diferent cars in styling and mechanics to a point.
  14. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Dodge Mirada and 1981 Imperial race cars   

    Hi Vernon,

    The Imperial stock car shown here is now available from SMH Resin, the Nascar Dodge Mirada is next on line, I just have to finish some small details and it will be on its way to Ronnie at SMH.
  15. Plasticfanatic added a topic in Wanted!   

    Italeri or Fujimi Ferrari GTO 1960's body
    Looking for the body only of one of Italeri or Fujimi 1960's Ferrari GTO, I am going to use the front of the car for a conversion. Thanks in advance.

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