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  1. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    This looks MAGNIFICENT, the fit and finish is superb, cant wait to see it with all the other detail!
    This model when finished will be a stunner from all angles.
  2. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Johan Ambulance-to-Hearse conversion kit?   

    I dont think there is a conversion body, since there was a offering by Johan back in the day of a hearse, in "Surf" theme but easy to convert to stock. The conversion of the ambulance to hearse is not that complicate and can be easy to do with some fine styrene sheet to fabricate the back/long window insert, also the decorative side irons can be made from plastic and rod covered with bare metal foil or painted chrome silver. Even the casket can be carved from a block of balsa wood, sealed and stained with the addition of handles made from styrene sheet and rod. To do the "vinyl top cover, the old trick of the tan/yellow masking tape cut to shape, usualy 3 pieces top and two sides using the union as the "stiching point" seen in the real cars, painted flat black or semigloss black will do the trick, for this to work remember having a very nice smooth and gloosy finish so the tape can fit and stay in place, also if possible use the 3M brand, it have the best adhesion in my personal experience.
    You can also use "texture spray paint" available at most auto parts store, just see if the grain is fine and to scale, and use a good seal tape to cover the rest of the bodywork.
    Good luck and hope it helps.
  3. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Revell's new Corvette Racing C7R   

    YES,yesssss,yessssssssss!!!!  I will get 3, thanks for the photos and info. can't wait to start working in mine, it will be a longgggg summer waiting for these!  
  4. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    Hi DEL,
    Unfurtunately yes, my two 1978 do have the problem you mention, I did build one like that, I am cutting and "bending"  a second body to try and fix it, still is a super offering from Missing Link and the only way to get that body style without paying a furtune in case a vintage AAM come to market. The casting from Missing Link is very clean and sharp and build into a very nice model.
    I am REALLY looking forward to your CV and cant wait to start working on mine once they become available, it look SUPERB!
  5. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    This look GREAT, I want at least two when it becomes available, the 75/76 Galaxie 500 is another one I am really looking forward to, they will be a great addition to the Ford,Chevy and Dodge cop car line up that slowly have become available in resin. You did the master of my all time favorite Ford, the 1978 LTD of which I have the second casting offering made by  Missing Link resin
    Think I will start finishing up my 1979 LTD-II project which have been collecting dust for ages!!!
  6. Plasticfanatic added a topic in Wanted!   

    Tamiya 1/24 Nissan 1980"s 300ZX
    Looking for the Tamiya mid/late Nissan 300ZX, I am going to do the Paul Newman Trans Am race car with the big fender flares, so if some one have only the compleat body/glass...I will also be interested, let me know if you have one and what you are looking for it, Thanks.
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  7. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1/16th Amt 1984 Petty Grand Prix   

    Yes, you will have more or less the same problems with the Fords kits. in fact the body will need a LOT of attention  to get a my VERY personal opinion...profile and look. The Thunderbird I did years ago had a lot of flash oh the rollcage pieces and some pieces where warped, and those are quite thick! Again this is my very personal opinion and experience building...long ago...these kits, but I belive every kit have potential so with patience and work they can look very nice as a representative piece.
  8. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1/16th Amt 1984 Petty Grand Prix   

    You will have to work the front suspesion components to lower the stance, also the roll cage assembly have to be worked over not only to get the correct fit, but also profile inside the body. The body on these kits are usualy thick, and the contours usualy have to be massage to get a more correct look. The Petty car you see at the thread had a TON and half of work done to it to make it look that good, out of the box/built stock these models look more like toys than scale model cars, but with work...a LOT of work they do have potential as evidence of the great Petty/STP model shown here.
  9. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Randy Ayers Forum   

    Yes it seems is gone for good, to much time have passed,  probably all the data was lost and they just pull the plug on the forum for good. It was a gold mine of information on NASCAR cars and drivers from all eras and some incredible scale model projects to. Sad to know is gone,  but at least I enjoyed it while it was online for quite some time.
  10. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Question on this Petty Monte Carlo color combo   

    THANK YOU A MILLION!!!! greatly appreciate the info and the great photos of the car. As an interesting point, Powerslide/Mike Decals have realesed the "Petty Daytona 1979" decal sheet which include all decals to do this Ontario race car, it include the elusive trunk sponsor decal. Once more thanks to ALL for your kind help, now  I go with the original plan and do my model in the Ontario color configuration.
  11. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Question on this Petty Monte Carlo color combo   

    Thanks guys for the help, greatly appreciated. The original photo caption tittle in the internet said "Petty Ontario Speedway 1980", but as noted by all of you, is probable a tribute car or even a Kyle Petty car with the change in driver number in some vintage racing event. This was the only photo I could find of this car/color combination with the King #43, all other photos are with Kyle #42.
    I must admit that for this particular race car, the Monte Carlo, the flip color combination look very striking. Once more thanks for the help, will do my R.Petty M.C. in his regular race colors.
  12. Plasticfanatic added a topic in NASCAR   

    Question on this Petty Monte Carlo color combo
    I am doing my Petty Monte Carlo race car and come across this picture, it looks like the Kyle Petty color combination used on his M.C. instead of the Richard Petty usual one, my question is, did Richard Petty raced this color configuration also? If he did...even for one race...I would do my model in this version, like it very much. Thanks in advance.

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  13. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1977 Revell Monte Carlo Body and bumpers   

    still looking for the body and trim, please if some one have one let me know.
  14. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Randy Ayers Forum   

    Think that by the time the forum have been out of service, the problems and possible loss of data in a big way can be a posibilty, with the sad prospect that if it ever come back on line, all that valuable information,photo collections on race cars,models,projects,detail info and such....could no longer be there, really hope there a back up or that it will be back in full and normal operation soon but by each passing day it seems uncertain, my very personal opinion and view of course.
  15. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Dodge Mirada and 1981 Imperial race cars   

    Hosted on Fotki