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  1. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    SUPERB work and craftmanship, the details and modifications truly make the best in this scale. Love the color combination inside and out, truly a classic look. Once more magnificent work from all angles.
  2. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1990-1991 Ford LTD Crown Vic/1987-1989 Chevy Caprice   

    Ohhhh YES, this is looking fantastic, great job, I want at least two when they become available, again superb work and looking forward for more updates.
  3. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Datsun 510 Pro/Stock "SWEET PAIN" COMPLETED BUILD   

    Superb and unique scale model, beautiful detail and magnificent craftmanship, even the colors combination  is a spot on choice for this model, like it from every angle!!
  4. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic '90 Lincoln Mark VII stock chassis street car build   

    Your conversion is Coming along very nice and will look forward for more updates.
    I am doing something similar with my Lincoln, but go in another way in the chassis, I know it will not be correct/factory stock but since I wanted a street/performace/custom Lincoln I used the mid/late 1980's Mustang chassis/interior, it almost fit perfectly, some cuts here and there in thei interiors, used the Buick Grand National "BBS style" wheels and tires,  here is an old photo of this project, that is still pending to be finished...some day!!

  5. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1990-1991 Ford LTD Crown Vic/1987-1989 Chevy Caprice   

    Is looking really nice and is the model year which I most like of this type of Crown Victoria, looking forward for more updates, if these become a reality I will at least get two!!
  6. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Fairmont drag car build - Hanging/hinging DS door 8/10/16   

    This looks spectacular, and the detail is superb! the photoecht detail is simply amazing.
    I have to finish my 1978 Glidden car which is using one of your bodies, I also removed the front clip, trunk but only opened one door, the driver side, Scott casting was/is so sharp and beautifuly cast that made these modification an easy choice for me.....as well as the engine which is also from Scott, great piece!!
  7. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    Craftmanship and atention to detail at its BEST, superb work.
  8. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic My 81 Lincoln Town Coupe   

    Like it very much, would love to find one of these resin body.
  9. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Ecurie Ecosse Transporter scale 1/8   

    Magnificent from all angles, the color looks superb to!!  
  10. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Mad Max Aoshima "1st Movie" conversion kit   

    I have done 3 conversions to the first movie configuration from scracht for several collectors friends, as stated before is not a over complicated project, just that it will take some time, I do my scrachtbuilt parts in styrene for personal preference.
    The funny thing is that I have wanted to do this car and display it for my own collection, every time I search for the basic kit the price is so high that I give up, so I perfectly understand that this project can turn expensive in a quick way if one have to go into a bidding war over a conversion kit....on top of the price of the kit itself!!!
    The next time some one ask me to do the conversion, all I will ask  in return for the work is...a kit of the Interceptor for myself!!!!!
  11. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    This looks MAGNIFICENT, the fit and finish is superb, cant wait to see it with all the other detail!
    This model when finished will be a stunner from all angles.
  12. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Johan Ambulance-to-Hearse conversion kit?   

    I dont think there is a conversion body, since there was a offering by Johan back in the day of a hearse, in "Surf" theme but easy to convert to stock. The conversion of the ambulance to hearse is not that complicate and can be easy to do with some fine styrene sheet to fabricate the back/long window insert, also the decorative side irons can be made from plastic and rod covered with bare metal foil or painted chrome silver. Even the casket can be carved from a block of balsa wood, sealed and stained with the addition of handles made from styrene sheet and rod. To do the "vinyl top cover, the old trick of the tan/yellow masking tape cut to shape, usualy 3 pieces top and two sides using the union as the "stiching point" seen in the real cars, painted flat black or semigloss black will do the trick, for this to work remember having a very nice smooth and gloosy finish so the tape can fit and stay in place, also if possible use the 3M brand, it have the best adhesion in my personal experience.
    You can also use "texture spray paint" available at most auto parts store, just see if the grain is fine and to scale, and use a good seal tape to cover the rest of the bodywork.
    Good luck and hope it helps.
  13. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic Revell's new Corvette Racing C7R   

    YES,yesssss,yessssssssss!!!!  I will get 3, thanks for the photos and info. can't wait to start working in mine, it will be a longgggg summer waiting for these!  
  14. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    Hi DEL,
    Unfurtunately yes, my two 1978 do have the problem you mention, I did build one like that, I am cutting and "bending"  a second body to try and fix it, still is a super offering from Missing Link and the only way to get that body style without paying a furtune in case a vintage AAM come to market. The casting from Missing Link is very clean and sharp and build into a very nice model.
    I am REALLY looking forward to your CV and cant wait to start working on mine once they become available, it look SUPERB!
  15. Plasticfanatic added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    This look GREAT, I want at least two when it becomes available, the 75/76 Galaxie 500 is another one I am really looking forward to, they will be a great addition to the Ford,Chevy and Dodge cop car line up that slowly have become available in resin. You did the master of my all time favorite Ford, the 1978 LTD of which I have the second casting offering made by  Missing Link resin
    Think I will start finishing up my 1979 LTD-II project which have been collecting dust for ages!!!