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  1. I have this same car on hold because I can not buy find the correct decals for it, got one from ebay some time ago..but where pure trash, white was so translucent...they became pink once they touch the red paint on the body!!! This is a resin copy of the body I modified for my pro stock Probe, it still have the roof "remove" tab until is ready for paint and final assembly.
  2. The best way to replicate as best and accurate as one can these vintage cars is to use vintage material showing the car at their time of use, restorations and "tribute cars" usually can not be used as a guideline for details because alterations or modifications. I never ever say my models are "exact" replicas of the actual cars they represent...some details and or specifications may be incorrect or not in "timeframe"...well that is ok with me to a point, but I do try my best to do as close as possible to the car real details and specifications, because I enjoy the challenge. The posted 1978 Glidden Fairmont in my opinion is not the real car, just look at the rear fender wheel opening and molded/stamped arch flare, the Glidden car did not have this and is clearly seen in pictures of the car...including the two posted by a gentleman showing the car fresh from paint and assembly and still not a single decal/sponsor added to the body yet...so from the beginning the car did not had this, you can also clearly see it in the magazine article. I very good friend of mine, who had quite a knowledge of these eras pro stock cars, told me that the real undefeated Fairmont was destroyed in a transport accident, but never fully confirmed...others say it was sold and converted to a "private pro stock car"..then stored for years ( seems it was painted in yellow and other colors)...then "rediscover" and "restored"...but I don't know what in the end is real or not. So your best bet is only to use visual info from the era, A LOT of photos of this car have come forward from people who took the photos in 1978 with personal cameras, some where even Bob G. friends and employees.
  3. Also, some great photos of the 1978 Glidden Fairmont have been posted at different Glidden/ vintage pro stock groups, some where taken by fans back in the day and never published before, I downloaded some of the more interesting ones for visual info and background research for my model project.
  4. The magazine article is a great help indeed and the inside centerfold poster feuturing both cars is great. One interesting fact, the back fenders wheel arch flare have to be shave down, I did it to my 78 Glidden car model for more accuracy, Scott (Futurattraction) did a magnificen work on this body of the Fairmont and all accesories, is a easy modification. The Dyno Don car appear to have used the stock flare style at some point since I recall seeing pictures of the car with both looks...unlike the Glidden 78 Fairmont that stayed the same the whole season.
  5. Thank you guys for all the kind and positive comments about this project, greatly appreciated.
  6. Finish this for a friend, Futurattraction pro stock Fairmont body, chassis plate and engine kit. Lot of fabrication on this one but enjoy every minute of it. Hope you like it.
  7. 1320wayne and John Pol, thanks for the info, will try to locate one of these, I know it wont be easy but will try. And yes, this is the same model that is now available from SMH Resins, thanks to all for the kind comments, greatly appreciated. I hope to do a 1980's Challenger pro stock body sometime in the near future.
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