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  1. Current progress as of 3/31/2019 on my Revell (USA Made) 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS model kit. Body, hood and trunk trim is complete. Painted, clearcoated, polished and BMF'd. Currently awaiting good weather to finish painted the trunk and looking for some nice Pegasus 1/25 scale wheels to go along with my model car. I used an extra chrome mirror piece from the previously bought 64 Impala SS model kit that was made in China for the passenger side mirror.
  2. Current progress as of now. Just painted the seats in a custom mixed paint. I used Model Masters flat white acrylic and sand. I kinda overdid the mix of sand which gave a yellowish hue to the white since I want offset the white to make it look oysterish. BMF'd the seat trim and center console. But anyway, enjoy!
  3. Wow, Bill, I truly admire your perservereance to your craftwork! Me, I have to be completely retired and collecting a pension to have such talent to build models where they are very functional. I just build em as fine office display pieces with closed doors and opening hood and trunk.
  4. I was gonna buy the AMT 64 Impala but seeing the A pillar window vent wasn't angled correctly as the real thing, I went with the Revell kit better. The AMT kit makes the Impala look more like a 64 GTO. Thats good! Do you have a posting of that 59?
  5. Current progress as of today. Tinted the front vent windows and rear windshield with my 3m 20% VLT film. The rear was a challenge to do because of the curve, but I did the best I can. My build isn't going to a competition so..BMF'd all the top trim and windshield trim. Will do the body and trunk trim as soon as my matte aluminum BMF arrives in the mail..I BMF'd before painting and priming. Yeah I might expect some flack for doing it that way, but I'm sure I can make it shine through the paint.
  6. Personal reasons that are too taboo to discuss here on this forum. Let's leave it at that.
  7. No, I went with the stock suspension. Since I couldn't find the appropriate place to mount the top part of the shocks and the instructions didn't gave me a clear place to put it, I settled for those holes. Well, thats what the instructions looked like.
  8. Current build progress as of March 11, 2019.. Assembled the chassis on to the floor pan, painted the floor pan dark grey. Interior floor, console, inner wheel fenders and firewalls painted in a custom mixed gloss black with little semi glass black left with dark gray to make a dark charcoal black. Door panel had details BMF'd, did the best I could. Hasn't been painted yet. PS, I used the Testors amazing airbrush set with gas cylinder. Sure beats the heck out a $250 professional airbrush set!
  9. So, I semi-trashed my first Revell 1964 Impala SS (China made kit) build and rather would build it differently than what I had originally intended to. I stripped off the paint from it and will paint in another color, possible a Chevy aqua marine color. So that kit is shelved and stopped for now. So, I decided to buy another 64 Impala model kit, but this time is made in the USA. I much rather have the USA made Revell model kits. With that being said, the USA made version will be here to stay and the first one I bought will be built and sold on ebay. As of right now, I have completed the engine build and chassis assembly. I'm waiting to go buy Pegasus 1:25 custom rims for my 64 Impala so its sitting on ground lol. Details on the build: Engine is painted in full red Chevrolet red orange from intake to oil pan. I left valve covers chrome and added "327, 300HP" decals on them. I used the custom intake with the Holley Carburetor and the chrome air cleaner that was meant for the lowrider built, but I am going with stock with a few extras Transmission is painted in aluminum paint along with the starter, distributor vacuum advance unit, fuel pump and clutch hub on the cooling fan. I painted the oil filter dark blue mixed with some white to make it as close as possible to a real AC Delco oil filter. Without further ado, enjoy!! More post coming in the near future! PS, I know I missed some spots with my brush, but eff it, its gonna put under a car body permanently so no one is gonna judge it with a magnifying glasses lol and also its not going to a model building contest!
  10. Excellent build dude! I like it that you're building out of the ordinary and make something better! keep up the good work!
  11. Hey y'all, I'm in the process of building my revell 1:25, 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS model. It's the 2n1 kit where I can either make it a lowrider or stock from the factory. As someone who isn't in the low rider culture, I went with stock. I painted the main body in Duplicolor, Perfect Match primer and then base coated with Tamiya TS-53, deep blue metallic paint. I did 2 thin mist coats on it and one wet coat. It has been over 24 hours since that final base coat has dried. I tried installing the "Impala SS" decals on the rear quarter panel, but it failed. Both decals are disposed of and I have the flag fender decals installed perfectly. However, I am considering using BMF for the Impala SS quarter panel marking. Ok, here is the question..Should I put the BMF on the model in it's current stage or after I have clear coated it?
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