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  1. Earlier this year I built some 1/8 scale 18" wires . Hub and rim made from aluminum , wires are .015 music wire. Decided on 36 spoke wheel and built a jig. I bent .050 length of the wire 90 degrees to hook the hub. A real challenge for sure.
  2. jeff f

    Nova Pro Street

    Nice n low , great stance !
  3. Great model John , love these old AA/FA cars .
  4. Tim when I look at the detail of your work in this scale my head just spins ! Your commitment is beyond me in light years . You should be very proud of your work ! Jeff .
  5. I did some 1/8 scale work for a close friend and ended up with a TDR 392 . Decided to try an old 60S front wheel and tire . It's 18" with .015 music wire , which is a hair small . Will change to .020 . Thanks for looking in Jeff .
  6. I would look at web pics closely . Before AWB cars there were 2% cars . You can see the wheel tire moved forward 2.25 - 2.50 inches . That's my take on this . Jeff.
  7. IMO the coolest can am of all time . I've gathered up three over the years . Jeff.
  8. Glad to hear from you Roger . Did Wet Look do that ? I've had Tamiya do it to me .
  9. Welcome back ! wish I could see the photos , I'm sure its cool . Jeff.
  10. Great Job Rick , I have a 1 to 1 Belair sedan but the color is called Surf Green .
  11. A great job bringing assorted parts together .
  12. Nice Willys , love your shop also.
  13. We are back on the pro stock train again . Painted the sides with Testors Pure Gold and Revving Red out of the cans . Still need to knock down the edges before clear . I still have a month till Modelfest in Portland , hope to have all three Motown Missiles on the table . Thanks Jeff .
  14. jeff f

    1940 Ford

    Beautiful , great stance !
  15. Looking killer , back wheel openings look spot on . Jeff.
  16. Just was curious and dipped a wheel in alodine solution . I then polished the outer part and added a center cover ala Real Wheels . And I did get some valve stems made . Think only one set will get this look . Thanks for looking Jeff .
  17. Remember to have fun and enjoy your bench time . I would use the Scale Auto build as your template . Jeff.
  18. Thanks everyone , hopefully know one will talk me out of it ! Jeff.
  19. Thank you Leroy , they are the gasser kit ones with aluminum dust caps . Jeff.
  20. Yes Mike I do all of my 12 spokes in that fashion . I first make round blanks with a 4 or 5 degree angle and spoke thickness . Then I've programmed the Bridgeport to cut the six windows . I have got the three scales "1/25 , 1/16 and 1/8" figured out now . Thanks again for looking in Jeff .
  21. A small update , worked on some front tires and still have some small things to finish . I will give a set to Jeff at the Portland Modelfest in April . Thanks Jeff .
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