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  1. Got a Schlingmann LF 20/16 Mercedes and a few other goodies today.
  2. My Sister got me this. not my traditional type of truck model but still very cool. cant wait to build mine! Jonathan
  3. I just completed a trade with gardnerpag44, came well packed a day early and had great communication. would trade with him any day.
  4. Thank you, Im sure I do. I think it would be a great convert. Jonathan
  5. Thanks Brizio, I signed up for the Car-toon proboard. looks like a lot of fun! I have a trade pending for the DW van. I will start the Glitter bug today! Thanks Jonathan
  6. COE wreckers every where! I like the paint color it's different, type of thing that get you noticed $$$$.
  7. Great work! I love the dash. I just finished a Mercedes COE in just about the same color. Awesome! Jonathan
  8. Brizio- Glitter Bug came today, go-mad on Sat. The Van is proving to be a hard find. Jonathan
  9. Thanks for sharin the rig. Ya I wouldnt mind seeing the whole thing at some point. Jonathan
  10. That's great! Love the eagle. Jonathan
  11. Ya! I just ordered the Glitter bug. Picked up the Go-mad aswell, I just like your too much to pass on it. I want to get my hands on the Dave Deal's Van.
  12. My Sister lives in Berlin and has had me make her 3 Trabis. But she wants them all green, she claims that's a lucky color. I think you where just lucky to get one at all. Love you build, Great work! Go Trabi Go! Jonathan
  13. Wow.... Awesome.. I just cant stop looking at it. Jonathan
  14. Awesome, spot on. Loved the build thread also. Great work! Jonathan
  15. This is a great looken model. I like it better in orange. And your right the Meng F350 kit is to pricey for me too , this is a good alternative. Semper Fi brother. Jonathan
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