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  1. Thanks, it really has turned out nice, especially for a white paint job. I'm not a purist builder, so I just looked through what I had ready to spray, this started out as a simple tribute build. Paint is all Duplicolor - Polar Artic White - Electron Blue - Electric Red, lots of clear polished out.
  2. Thanks for the nice comments, having fun with this build. Did a little more over the weekend, Polished the paint, some detail painting and worked on the wheels a bit. (Decided to not "create" my own wheels as in the picture and ordered proper GS style Cup Style wheels from Plamoz pictued above) the modified from stock fender vents to the GS, came out ok... A Corvette option is covers for the top rear fender vents, made my own and kinda like the look Made some Colorado vanity GRNDSPT plates
  3. Excellent, thanks for the link, had no idea these wheels were being made. I decided to order a set from Plamoz, thanks again Bob for the link, these wheels will be perfect for my build.
  4. I love the new Corvette C7 with only a few things I don't like, like the odd non-Vette taillights, do not like them, but I'll accept them. Looking at the new Grand Sport Editions released earlier this year, one is especially special, the Heritage Edition. A reverse color combo, white body, blue stripe and red fender hashmarks. I'm in love with this color combo, so here I am building one from the Revell Snaptite 2014 Corvette. The Grand Sport (GS) and Z06 have a few body differences from the stock Vette. One is the rear wells are flared 4-inches for wider tires and the rocker-air-ducts located in front of the flares. Also different is the side vents have a unique trim design for GS and different for Z06. First had to cut out the stock wheel well edges to maintain the marker lights, fairly easy to do and added the air-ducts detail Next to replicate the side vent GS design Body work done, shot the paint, ready to clear next... Looking pretty close so far...
  5. Steve, you nailed it perfectly. I followed the build, you made some excellent detail mods to build as an authentic tribute to you car
  6. So nice! Looks awesome, great work on this build
  7. WOW!!! Outstanding build. It's another work of art...
  8. Spectacular! Great work and perfect paint
  9. Looking just awesome. Especially nice work on the taillight panel
  10. Excellent builds, both of them and yes I agree you have master skill even at 16 and today.
  11. Built a quick C7 Corvette Grand Sport for one of my business partners who's toying with buying one for himself. This is not a high level detail build, the wheels are not correct for a GS and the brake calipers should be positioned and black not red as an actual GS is speced. I did not make the front and side splitters or rear spoiler detail. This one is just going to sit on his desk for fun. I did detail the interior, printed guages, cut the grab bar area out, flushed the headlight glass with the body as it should be and detailed the headlight panels.Made a custom vanity plate too... Actual GS
  12. RestoModGuy

    '56 Bel Air

    Very Nice! Like the wheel choice too on this
  13. Wow!! Just fantastic.... Nice tribute build...
  14. Daniel, yes, I stand corrected, the actual filming did not take place at the Stanley, only used as the "frame" for the location. I didn't know it was filmed in Bend OR, good to know...
  15. As always Randy, this one is another work of art!
  16. Thanks Doug.... The wheel/tires are Pegasus "T's" big and little's. All I did was use a red sharpie to outline the lip of the rim then black sharpie inside the rim, instant Redlines!
  17. I've posted before of my Hot Wheels 1/25 1968 "Sweet 16" tribute builds. I aquired every kit to build all 16, not an inexpensive endevor by the way. I built 4- of them last year and just finished my first for 2017. Interesting while studing the differences from the Hot Wheels and either the actual car it may have been created from and the actual kit produced, there are modifications to be made to every one of them with exception of the Custom Vette. This build to tribute the actual Hot Wheels Silouette required several body mods most might pick up on at first glance when looking at the model kits produced. I molded in the "hood" and cowl to the body as the Hot Wheel is. Next, fitment of the bubble glass, the kit has the glass mounted to an external hinge, not on the Hot Wheel, so modified the glass bubbles to mount flush. The biggest modification is the Hot Wheel has molded front fender wheel humps. Not on the kit or actual car, so I molded my own to match the Hot Wheel version. One of my first Hot Wheels was this purple Silhoutte and my favorite to race down the orange tracks, I always thought it was the fastest. Comparision of stock to modified Hot Wheel The actual Hot Wheel
  18. It's been commented over and over.... stunning build, just beautiful. The color works great too along with the seat finish. A work of art...
  19. Al, funny you noticed that. I made that plate and yes, sort of a tribute to the movie but in a very backwards way. The Shining was filmed in a famous hotel near where I live in Colorado. 20 years ago I stayed there and at the bar they had bottles of rum in this beautiful red glass and the name of the rum was REDRUM. When I painted this Vette I noticed how close it appeared to look in color to the bottle as you can see. That's the story of the plate.
  20. Thanks for the comment... I have limited pics of the interior, as it's a Vette and not much there to see. Thanks, The Pegasus inserts I used are the "Elite's" i slid into the smooth 23" sleeves I also painted then inserts with a Platinum paint to better match the aluminum finish.
  21. I built this 2-years ago as one of my first builds coming back to the hobby after a nearly 40-year break. I had two of these classic Monogram Tom Daniels designed California Vette kits. It was one of my "grail" kits I saved since I was a teen in the 70's. I have never built a kit "box-stock" so to do this with this "grail" kit, I had to spin some of my own design to it, not that it needed it... The body mods include flaring the rear wheel-wells, adding a side valance flare replacing the chrome rocker-panel above the cool side-pipes. Paint is Electron Current Red with Torredor Red top and rear window slats. Updated the wheels to Pegasus with aluminum sleeves with "stance" front tires and painted a bit of black around the front rim to give it a slightly smaller dia. wheel appearance. It's one of my most prized builds and being a "grail" build it's priceless. Thanks for looking
  22. I'm liking this big door concept, well done!
  23. Great looking Tribute build! I'd say you nailed it! I've been building tributes to some of my dad's cars from the 60's as well, really fun to do.
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