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  1. Sweet! those colors, wow!
  2. So nice! perfect stance and yes, those Z-Wheels complete the pro-tour look. Sharp build Al
  3. Thanks for all the nice comments, it really isn't a serious contest build, really just a fun exercise of an idea. Jay, originally this build was planned for the 57 doors to be the POE and the van interior was going to be finished out with 57 seats for passengers and the driver would be in the vans cockpit. I molded in the van doors as I didn't want the door panel lines to interrupt the 57's fenders. I simply ran out of time to do all that, so it's a curbside build.
  4. This was a fun personal excercise in bashing two cars together. Years ago when Van were popular, some painted cars on the sides to appear to be a car instead of a van. Since plastic is our medium, why not slice them together. I had planned on doing a much more detailed build with the 57 doors opening into the van as the point-of-entry and exit, however it was a group build-off with limited time. I grafted the side panels to the van and wanted the front of the van to appear like the 57, but that took some engineering with widening the front bumper/grill. Overall it was a fun build, certainly different. Started with this Widened the entire front bumper/grill and "hood"
  5. Finished this group build-off "Belvan" It was more work than I was bargining for. On a time limit I didn't go with opening doors and detailing interior. This one is a curbside sitting in a case.
  6. Go to the Pegasus Hobbies website. http://pegasushobbies.net/catalog/Models-Peg.-Model-Car-Acc.-Rims-&-Tires/c107_3_25/index.html
  7. Outstanding! Excellent build
  8. Thank you Rex for the shock tower braces for my two 71 Cougar tribute builds I have coming up. I have to say these parts are the most accurate I've seen. The MPC and AMT parts of these are no where close to accurate, I was planning on scratch fabricating these, you saved me a lot of time. I appreciate your generosity, you're another reason this hobby can be so fun and rewarding, thank you again
  9. Rex, I'd like to get 2-sets of the tower braces... I'm not familiar with how to order from you
  10. Well done, nice work on this build. I too had a 320i - Gold - I owned in the 80's I have this kit and now that I've seen yours, will probably dig it out and put in line for some bench time. Thanks for posting and welcome back to the hobby
  11. Wow, just awesome... enjoying this build a lot...
  12. Wow! A masterpiece, work of art, excellent craftsmanship. Blown away...
  13. Wow! looking just awesome! I like seeing your WIP builds, you do great work
  14. Yes, blacking out the glass. I intended to have the 57 doors be the entry and exit of the van. I molded in the van van door lines for this reason. I decided this build was not going to be a full detail build, so opening the doors and a full interior are not part of the plan. This really started out as a "what-if" idea build. I finally have the final finish and BMF completed and next to assembly. I'll post more when I have it sitting on wheels
  15. Good looking cutom Bird! Nice job with the mods
  16. I've said it all along the work in progress you posted, this is truly a Masterpiece and work of art. Worthy of all the alcolades you have and will receive as a Master Craftsman
  17. Wow, did not know this kit existed, thanks to post a pict of the box. The Iron Horse version is similar but also very different in the hood, side fillers. The Iron Horse I have has dual fillers molded into the trunk and flat hood. I admit I think I like the styling of the actual Mach1 you have, now I need to get lucky and find one to go with my Iron Horse kit
  18. I posted elsewhere Eric, that this is an amazing Masterpiece created by a Mastercraftsman. It's truly the best work of art I've seen from this hobby, I would love to see it in person one day at a show. BTW, I just received a set of the headlights you designed and made available, those are a work of art by themselves.
  19. I ordered one-time so far, had Joesph print some custom decals I created. Nicest guy I've dealt with buying model parts. Responsive, and high quality, the decals he did for me are beyond perfect and exceeded my expectations along with the tire decals hes makes are flawless and what he has created is a huge plus for builders looking for accuarte and detailed components. I will be buying again from him, no question..
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