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  1. I added some color. Similar to the photo above. Tamaya TS 23 light blue. I plan to add a matte black graphics and ground effects.
  2. Just got back from a San Diego vacation and went right to work on the Datsun. I had an old custom hood from a late 60's Buick Riviera kit. I did a little trimming and bending and it fits just right. Although I believe the new hood is going to interfere with the valve cover... While on vacation, I found these amazing illustrations. Both artists below have some fantastic car designs. I hope to achieve a similar look with the Datsun.
  3. I went slightly wider with the flares and tried a different set of wheels. I like the stance! I have a general idea of what I want the final model to be. It's headed in the right direction. I will probably search for a new set of wheels that match the truck a little better.
  4. Trying out some ground effects for a lowered stance.
  5. Excellent work! Very nice.
  6. I'm working on a Datsun race truck. I've fashioned a wide body kit out of some thick Styrene. Here's my inspiration.
  7. 1968 VW Hover Bug

    Thank you for the comments! I got the final weathering done on the antennae and the license plate frame. I and added a few more decals. Unfortunately, I went a little too heavy on the window tint and the weathering of the windows. The interior is difficult to see. However, the body is still able to be separated. VW brothers!!
  8. I started working on this same truck just a few nights ago. Thanks for showing how you separated the truck wall from the cab. I did the same after seeing how well yours turned out. Pleased show some updates!!!
  9. 1968 VW Hover Bug

    Here's my next hover vehicle. It's a 1968 vintage VW Beetle with some Diesel Punk flair. I had planned to make a jet board (instead of a surf board) to go on the roof rack. This proved to be difficult, only because I can't seem to come up with a jet board that will match the ascetic of the car. For now it's just a cool roof rack that turned out 100% better than I had imagined! I just finished this model about an hour ago. I quickly took some photos using a homemade cardboard light box. Got the photos on the computer and realized that I weathered everything on the model, except for the antennae and the frame of the license plate. These were the last two items that were scratch built today. In my excitement to finish, I forgot the weathering process.....I'll get some more photos up soon. Under the front hood is the fuel tank and some random loose wires. Under the engine cover........huge intakes. Very fun build. Thanks for looking!
  10. Vintage 68 VW Hover Car

    Nearly done. I'm not 100% happy with the jetboard. It doesn't match the ascetic of the car. I've painted it a few times already. If I can't get it right, I may not include it on the completed model. I'll keep the roof rack if I decide to not use the jetboard.
  11. Vintage 68 VW Hover Car

    Almost done. That means I'll probably be another month before it's finished. I took another look at the wheel arch as Robert mentioned. I carved away some of the fender flare and added some mechanical pieces to give the underside of the fenders more detail. It looks much better. Thanks for the suggestion. Added a large fuel container under the hood with some wires and hoses. I need to clean up the seam on the gas tank. In these photos, many of the parts are still not glued on. I hope to add black and chrome to the window trim. I need to make mounts for the roof rack. Lots of touch up painting and some slight weathering. I would like it to have road grime and grease. Some streaks of rust, but not too much. I may paint the small detailed edge of the fins white. Been thinking about it since I first started fitting them to the car. I was hesitant to paint the interior red. I do not like red interiors on cars at all. Plus the car being blue, I just didn't think it would look good. My wife and kids talked me into it and I'm shocked at how well the red interior goes with the look of the car. I plan to add some window stickers and a medium tint to the rear 3 windows. Thanks for looking!!!
  12. Nick Of Time

    Well done. Nice job on the body roll and sense of motion.
  13. Vintage 68 VW Hover Car

    I think I know what you're talking about with the wheel arch. When I took the previous photos, the body wasn't tight against the frame. I took some new photos tonight to show off the interior. The body is a little closer and the wheel arch fits a little better. Working on a fuel tank. I figure it would burn a ton of jet fuel. The stock VW tank isn't going to cut it. I'll add a fuel filler line to the exterior and might try to hinge the fuel door. Lots of hinged things. Still working on these. The rear intakes needed something interesting. I put in two throttle plates. I think they look really cool!! I spend a lot of time putting my models into their final stance. Mocking up what it will look like when complete. I'm sure that you all do the same. A few months ago, my wife brought home some Locktite Fun-Tak mounting tabs. She told me that it looked like something I could use. It works great for temporarily holding on parts that you're not ready to glue. It's holding the rear wings in the photos above. It does leave a residue, but seems to come off easily. Thanks for looking!!!
  14. Vintage 68 VW Hover Car

    I started using Vallejo Acrylics 2-3 years ago. They're perfect for people like me who have no patience to wait for enamels to dry. I can airbrush a part and be handling it within a few minutes. The VW has been sanded with 400 grit. I applied some color to the roof rack.