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  1. Daxman added a post in a topic 32 Ford Jet Rod   

    Thanks for all the comments!! I hope you're all in for the long haul, because I'm a slow builder.......I worked on a few things, but I have a long way to go. I'm having a difficult time keeping the chopped top from separating at the A pillars.
    How many times per model, do you guys set up "mock ups"? I must set this thing up on it's stand, 4 to 5 times per night. I put everything on with pins and tape, just to see what it'll look like. When you're done working your model for the night, do you always put it in it's stance?

    I Changed the side intake to make it look more aggressive. I plan on adding 2 more fins between the existing.

    I'm working on a linkage for the front flaps. If anyone has any ideas for this, please let me know.

    The "fake" side pipes. These are what I imagined as a heat shield for some wires and hydraulic lines. Like in the first photos, there will be lines coming from these pipes that feed into the underside of the car.

    Wide load!

    I can't wait to paint it. I am going for something like this......I think.
  2. Daxman added a post in a topic 32 Ford Jet Rod   

    I got the turbines from a A-10 Warthog similar to this model. I believe that I use a 1:44th scale for the Ford.
    Thanks for the comments! I'll post some pics soon.

  3. Daxman added a topic in On The Workbench   

    32 Ford Jet Rod
    Here's a follow up to a 37 Chevy Jet Rod I made and posted on these forums over a year ago.
    I don't even know what to call it....Steampunk, meets rat rod, meets nostalgic race car. It'll be dirty and used. I can have fun with that.
    Still in the early stages. Here's some of the mock up photos. Sorry for the bad pics..
    I imagined some hanging hydraulic lines and fuel lines from the bottom of the vehicle. I thought by adding the 2 pipes out of the "passenger" side would help with the asymmetry, as well as give it some nostalgia.

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  4. Daxman added a post in a topic 28 Ford Rat Rod ,on air ride ,   

    I am into rat rods, and I think it's a great build. Very nice.
  5. Daxman added a post in a topic 1964 Impala junker parts car   

    Great job. Very realistic weathering.
  6. Daxman added a post in a topic 2037 Rat Rod?   

    Getting close to completion. I got stuck for a few weeks on the interior. I wasn't too sure where to take it...I didn't want to go overly complicated with too many flight controls. I cut the steering wheel into a flight yoke and added a throttle lever on the center console. It also has a flat screen monitor in place of the rear view mirror. Unfortunately I don't have any good interior close ups!!
    I thought this was a great shot that showed some of the underside of the car.
    I added a front window visor and I'm very happy with it. Please forgive the Scotch tape! This model is not glued together yet!
    Made the tail lights and turn signals by melting the amber and red sprue that was left over,
    Still got to add the trim pieces, final paint, and final details.  Hopefully the next time I show pictures, it will be in the Underglass section.
  7. Daxman added a post in a topic FormulaA Revell 29 Roadster   

    Very nice! This is a cool build,
  8. Daxman added a post in a topic 2037 Rat Rod?   

    So am I!!!!! This one is a total blast to build so far....no pun intended!
  9. Daxman added a post in a topic 2037 Rat Rod?   

    Even more pics! I changed up the grill tonight. Very happy with the results.Much more aggressive looking.
  10. Daxman added a post in a topic 2037 Rat Rod?   

    Ok more pics!
    I added 2 heat shields/deflectors under the running boards. I figured running boards melt under the extreme heat. I covered them with a layer of soot. I'll need to add more soot to the lower half of the doors and a little on the front intakes for the rear jet.
    Made a few rust holes.
    I also added some wire to the headlights.
  11. Daxman added a post in a topic 2037 Rat Rod?   

    Dieselpunk........Where the 1940's and 1950's meets future technology. It's a cool genre similar to steampunk.

    If you had to put a label on the jet rod, it's 90% rat rod with a few elements of dieselpunk.
  12. Daxman added a post in a topic 2037 Rat Rod?   

    Mitch, I do plan on having this and a few others at the KC show. I should be able to finish, right? I keep telling myself that.........Hope to see you there.
    The Hairspray technique. My first time trying it, I was not happy with the results. I built a post-apocalypse truck and I wanted it to be very weathered.  I removed way too much paint. The small spots of white paint left behind didn't look natural. I should have made the top of the vehicle the most sun damaged and left more white paint on the sides of the truck. I chalk this one up to my inexperience. First time using the hairspray technique:
    Here's the same truck using the salt technique. It turned out much better.
    Here's a video that I watched to learn the hairspray technique. Overall I think the hairspray technique gives you more control. I just need more practice.
    Here's the interior I've been working on for the Jet Rod. I added the center console with throttle and a joystick.What color should I paint the interior?
    The kit comes with orange colored windows. I like the look, but will probably go with tinted clear windows.
    Thanks for the positive comments!
  13. Daxman added a post in a topic 2037 Rat Rod?   

    Yes Michael, I plan on being there with this model. It'll give me incentive to finish.
  14. Daxman added a post in a topic 2037 Rat Rod?   

    I just finished putting some color on the Jet Rod tonight. Here's a few pictures of the mock up. I'm happy with the colors. I spent a week going back and fourth between red and dark blue. Somehow I ended up picking green.....go figure. This was my second time using the hairspray technique for weathering. Very happy with the results so far.

  15. Daxman added a post in a topic 2037 Rat Rod?   

    I gave it a coat of rust this morning. It really shows off better in the pictures now with some color. I'm really excited about this model.
    Here's the rear firewall with hook ups for hoses and wires.
    This is the two halves of the rear jet.
    Not sure how I will display this when it's finished. If I opt to show it off as parked, I'll need some sort of landing gear. Wouldn't want to scratch the paint coming to a stop, right? I was thinking about skid plates or blades like Ice skates. They would be mounted to the front bumpers since they hang low on the car.
    Rear jet fully extended.
    Cruise stance.
    I'll keep posting as I make progress.