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  1. RocketWagen

    Thanks guys! I changed out the rear side turbines for a better set. Scratch built these this weekend. It's only going to have the driver's seat. The rear seat area will be separated by a firewall. The back seat will be crammed with all kinds of engine parts. Intakes, pipes, wires... The plan is to have the two rear side windows as intakes. Possibly the rear window as well.
  2. Jet Rod Community Build

    Added some details to the rear side jets.
  3. Jet Rod Community Build

    The rims that you used to make the intake side of the turbine are perfect! As well as the chrome center cap. Looking good!
  4. Jet Rod Community Build

    Great minds think alike when using scale model seats. I changed the side rear thrusters. I wasn't happy with the previous.
  5. RocketWagen

    I'm working on 2 VW beetles. Both are hover cars. They'll be completely different from each other. I stopped working on the first one because I'm really excited about this one. I cut the bug in half down the middle. Then sanded off more than 1/3. Making the turbines from scratch. All from styrene rod and some Ford Raptor rims. When it's complete, I don't believe you'll see the face of the Raptor rims. I only used them for the details that are usually covered by the tires. The backside of the rim. Some moveable rear thrusters for vertical take off and high speed turns. Covering up the old passenger door. I had visions of the Return of the Jedi Speeder bikes. I made the front wings for flight control from the 2 front seats.
  6. Jet Rod Community Build

    I used the two front seats out of the RocketWagen to make some wings. I hope to make them appear to have lots of moving parts. Hydraulics, linkages, flaps, all that good stuff.
  7. Jet Rod Community Build

    I worked on the RocketWagen's twin turbines. These were fun to make. I used a few different sized styrene rod and Ford Raptor rims to make the intake side. Can't wait to paint these!
  8. Jet Rod Community Build

    RocketWagen, until I can think of a better name....... Two large turbines coming out of the engine compartment for main thrust. I plan to add many more smaller pipes surrounding these main turbines. There will be a driver's seat, then a wall separating the engine compartment. The rear seat area will be full of engine stuff. I would like to make the rear windows, into large intakes to feed the turbines. Possibly a roof intake thru the rear window as well. Similar to the intakes on some of the Baja Bugs. That would look cool! Hope I can do it. Sealing off the old passenger door. I want to mount moveable side thrusters that would provide lift off and help with the steering. I may be putting wings on the front suspension. Think - SpeederBike from Jeturnof the Jedi. Body themes and color choices. This is where I get stuck. DieselPunk. I'd probably paint it turquiose and weather it similar to the 32 Ford. Lots of grease and rust. Bare aluminum. This would probably be the most difficult for me, but the one I want to try the most at this time. Picture rivets, light-weight materials, pure speed, racing decals and a racing number. Formula 1 type racing colors with graphics. I will spend countless hours thinking about this...........It's a curse.
  9. Jet Rod Community Build

    I'm trying to figure out what the front white piece is from. What is it? I like it! It's different and crazy. It fits together well. I can picture all kinds of mechanical devices hanging out from under the nose piece.
  10. Jet Rod Community Build

    Use it! I'm sure they'll be totally different. There's different turbines to mount, different color options, accessories...so many options. Plus it's a convertible! That would be cool to see.
  11. Jet Rod Community Build

    Give it a try. It could be what you need to get back into the hobby.
  12. 32 Ford Jet Rod - Hover car

    Thanks guys!!!! You have all said some very nice things and it is most appreciated. The comments motivated me to start a community build. I hope you will all join and make some amazing jet powered vehicles.
  13. Jet Rod Community Build

    Hello fellow model builders. I've built 2 jet powered hot rods over the past two years. I'm very proud of both models. Each turned out far better than I had imagined they would. I had a ton of positive comments on the forum and I really appreciate everything that was said. Thank you guys for the support. The comments were great! There was some interest in starting a community build. I thought I'd get it started. There's only one rule. It has to be powered by a turbine of some sort. Now, I'm no turbine expert......and I'm sure that the turbines that I made would probably not really function...but they look like they would, right? It has to look like it can fly via turbine power. Any year or type of vehicle is ok. I have since started 2 new jet cars. Both are VW bugs. Both should be very different from one another. I want this bug to be like a race craft. I might put numbers and a racing paint job on it. This bug is going to have a single huge turbine out of the rear and some sort of wings out the front. It's going to be crazy.
  14. 68 VW HoverBug

    Added some detail to the front air dam. I'm having a difficult time trying to make the thrusters moveable. I can get them to rotate up/down, but I want a full range of motion. This might be too difficult for me to attempt. I'll keep trying...... Still not sure what the final product will be. The front air dam reminds me of today's tuner cars. I'm thinking tuner/race/jet bug. Dirty and some rust of course.
  15. 68 VW HoverBug

    I should put a disclaimer. The following photos may not reflect the final product! I made this front chin splitter, Is that what it's called? It looks cool. Reminds me of a Porsche. I'm still going with the plan of independent, moveable jets. The splitter would be stationary. Full speed mode with the jets retracted up tight under the body. Maneuvering mode with the jets extended. Hydraulic cylinders, hoses and wires exposed is the plan t this point.