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  1. Thank you! The undercarriage needed some attention as well as the back of the truck. Most of this wont be seen, but I'll make it so the bed comes off for inspection. I preferred the truck bed a little raised like a flatbed. So I filled in between the frame with miscellaneous parts. There's a fuel tank made from styrene sheet. A VW cylinder head, mustang taillight trim, suspension parts, an oil pan....you name it. It looks like it does something important. \ I cut some exhaust vents at the back of the truck bed. I know what you're thinking....It just made the whole flatbed useless. You'd be right. But it looks really cool, and that's all that matters.
  2. I primed it in flat black because it helps me see the overall picture better. Plus I like to highlight some of the mechanical parts in steel which looks great over the black. As I stated above, things will change from the beginning. The rear intakes in the previous photos were changed to these below. They match the fronts a little more closely now in size and shape.. This kit comes with a detachable roof. I used it to try to make a visor over the windshield. I added two tracks and rollers that pivot the roof up and forward. Looks cool right?! Well, don't get stuck on it because that's gonna change as well. The two little steel control arms sticking out from under the hood to the front thrusters.These added so much to the overall look. Remember the arm mechanism from the bed of the truck? It's now under the hood. Somebody looks angry. Miscellaneous junk added to the undercarriage. I try to fill all the bare spots with something, but at the same time it has to look like it serves a purpose.
  3. Here's my ninth hover vehicle. I have been working on this for a few weeks now. I'm currently have the truck 80% complete trying to figure out the paint scheme. I have some of the photos from the beginning. You'll see where ideas were changed. Here's where I started I removed the front fenders to the doors. Reduced the size of the front grill. Added these two large turbines from a Gundam kit. People always ask where I get my parts. It's Gundam kits. They have so many parts with intakes, thrusters, vents..so many interesting pieces. The front turbines were made from Gundam Virtue's backpack thrusters. They took the shape of the fenders that I removed. I had planned to have the two rear thrusters only held on by the arm assembly in the bed of the truck. It would appear as if the rear turbines could separate from the bed and pivot. This idea was later scrapped. On the front, you can see the two cylindrical thrusters sticking out the back of the shroud. I tried to mimic this with the rear thrusters coming out of the rear fenders. I also added an intake for the rear that's attached to the running board. I crafted a matching intake grill for the rears. From the top down view, you can see how far the rear fenders stick off the side of the bed to line up with the front "fenders". I love this top down view. Here's a close up of the hack job I did to the front thrusters. It's two Gundam pieces cut, then glued together with strips of styrene for the fins. The styrene tube on the inside is for mounting to the body.
  4. Thank you brother! I just quickly checked out the 3 links in your signature. If there's something in the Kansas air, I'll bottle it up and trade you for some of that Quebec air.You sir.......are AMAZING! Your level of craftsmanship is out of this world.
  5. When I try to describe these vehicles to people who haven't seen them, I say they're a mix between Mad Max, Star Wars Pod Racers, and the Manga series Initial D. I picture them in a post-apocalypse timeline. A world that is rebuilding itself after a great catastrophe. People build these jet cars and compete against others in some weekly no holds barred races. And just like the people of today, they would want their vehicles to have some style.
  6. Hello, Here's the 8th hover car for my fleet. This was a fairly quick build, not too many modifications made to the body. I wanted this one to look as if it was built straight out of a junkyard. I cut the roof off, making it into a convertible. I filled the passenger compartment with as many flight controls and gauges as possible. A large fuel tank under the hood. There's a taillight from a 67 Mustang that makes up part of the mechanical devices under the hood. Custom grill Thanks for looking!!
  7. No I haven't. I'm up to 8 hover craft now and another in the works. I've been really busy with work and haven't found the time to post on the forums lately. I'll get my two latest builds up this weekend. Number 7 was this cool 51 Bel Air. This was a fun one to build: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/152694-51-chevy-bel-air-jet-car/?tab=comments#comment-2250833 Number 8 is another 32 Ford: And my work in progress 56 Ford Pick Up: And I'll really try to get a single post up that shows all my hover vehicles. Thanks for following along!!!
  8. Thanks! I just started adding hoses until I filled all the empty spots. Not yet. I'd really like to show them all in one forum post. I said I was going to do it after I finished my last jet car. It's something I've been meaning to do. Maybe I can get to it this weekend.
  9. Thank you! Here's a few more pictures. Better shot of the grill
  10. Hello everyone. Here's my 51 Chevy Bel Air jet car. My wife picked this kit up for me on clearance for $11.She knows my taste in jet cars. The side tail fins came from a 59 Chrysler Imperial curbside kit. I was looking for a cool way to mount the tail lights when I stumbled upon these. They give it a 57 Chevy feel. The body lines on this car made it easy for me to mount the front and rear turbines. I was able to cut large sections away by following the panel lines. I angled the lower door panels to give the front turbine exhaust a place to go. Unfortunately since the car is flat black and I added soot to the recessed area, you can't really see that it was modified. The recess wasn't very visible so I added fins near the turbine exhaust to help give it some depth. It was really difficult to find a color for this car. Ultimately it was a sinister looking car, so I decided to go with black. I really like how the chrome trim line on the center of the door looks. Since the power sources are at all 4 corners of the car, I'm always left with a big empty spot to fill under the hood. I just filled this one with random parts and hoses. Here's the build:
  11. Thanks David! Yes, I'm glad that I did this modification. The trim line running down the middle of the doors gave me a perfect section for pulling this off. Looks much better than the metal plate I was going to use in the first photos.
  12. My 51 Bel Air jet car is almost done. A couple more rounds of weathering are needed. I'd like to add a few streaks of rust and grime down the sides. I also will add soot to the lower door panels. I will probably add the final details this week. The door handles, side mirrors, antennae and glass. I was trying out different colors for the tail lights. I'll probably stick with red for the final.
  13. Thanks guys! Your comments are always welcome and appreciated. I made a few changes. I'm pleased with the results so far. I removed the tail lights and added flaps with linkage. Placed the new tail lights on the end of the side fins. Looks much better. I added individual fins to the grill. The other two gizmos are some kind of flight control from the undercarriage. If you refer to the earlier pictures, I had heat plating bolted to the bottom half of the doors. I figured this area would need some protection. The plates were too large and appeared to be an afterthought. I decided to cut a relief that followed the same lines as the front fender reliefs. I attached the one end and left a 3/16" gap at the hinged side of the door. I cut 4 pieces of styrene at a very sharp angle to fill the voids. I'm really happy with this addition. Gives it a more finished look. Just a cool shot from above. Thanks again! Dax Here you can see
  14. Thanks Mike! You've been following me a long time friend. I appreciate it! The Kansas City scale model show is in June I believe. This kit has been 95% done since November. I've known that I have a few spots left to weather and get the final details done before the show. Gotta say, I do love how it looks with the bed removed. I like your idea. I'm going to seriously think about this. It would give me an excuse to build the hover chopper that I've been wanting to make for years now.
  15. My son had quite a few Gundam kits that he wasn't interested in building. He donated them along with the grey plastic bases that I use to show the cars in flight. In total he gave me 6 complete kits and a few half built models as well. I use anything that looks like it fits the ascetic of the car. Many times I modify the Gundam part to fit the model as well. I did a fast count and came up with around 30 Gundam parts on the undercarriage alone. Looks better with a coat of black. Hovercar 101 - it can always use more hoses and pipes. Working on the undercarriage of these hover cars is one of my favorite parts of the build. You can get really creative. Unfortunately it tends to get overlooked when the kit is complete. I should start displaying the cars like this. I added new winglets? to the bottom. I may move the location slightly. I need to do something to the grill. I feel that it needs to be more of a focal point. I may cut out the center horizontal bar for a more open look. Not sure yet. I really like the tail lights, just think something more 50's is needed. I'll probably end up changing these out. If you've seen my other builds, you'll know that I change a lot changes from start to finish. I'm going to start the body color paint this week. I may not go with the police vehicle theme. I really need to think this one through. I'll keep posting pics. Thanks for the support from everyone!!
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