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  1. here's site that talks about the car http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3158386/1969-dodge-charger/
  2. Nice remember seeing that car at Autofair @ Charlotte Motorspeedway. Have the model hope build it soon.

    Xtreme Lee

    Been a car waiting to do for long time. Saw this car few years back in charlotte. Used MPC Dukes Of Hazzard kit used wheels and tires from the revell snap monte carlo. Tamiya Orange paint. Decals by Slixx. Made side windows from styrene plastic sheet. Had to black them out couldnt get interior to fit like wanted plus wanted it to sit lower than stock. Also added brake rotors from Pegusus hobbies.
  4. Some pics from show yesterday. Great show as always.
  5. didnt get pic but have 200 mph tape like hood got damaged and added more tire marks on left side.
  6. wanted to do Harvick jimmy Johns car used snapper kit and decals left over from glue kit. paint didnt work out so gave it the Raced version. how many vaults in fallout 4 upload foto share link
  7. Just finished other day. Italian olive flat paint, box stock for most part, added decals on rear glass and bullet holes decals, did mirrors with Molotow chorme pen.
  8. looking at the wreck he had at daytona on youtube under hood color was black i wonder if that was color for daytona.

    my 2018's

    some of the builds done
  10. CRANMAN1


    yeah her or natalie decker
  11. Great job a car i hope to do sometime too. Hope it works fell for ya be nurvous bout using clear over the foil numbers heard it can mess them up.
  12. CRANMAN1


    Finally finished this car wanted to do the car she ran most of season. Seen car at shop. Danica kit, Paint is Tamiya Blue,Brillant Blue and gray. Kit decals.
  13. Got these done last weekend. Brad k's Red white and blue Miller Memorial day car.Tamiya white and blue. Used snapper kit. McMurry Mcdonalds Mac tonight from snapper kit Tamiya blue and chrome yellow both with Powerslide decals.
  14. Couple done over weekend. Chase Elliott 24 NAPA car, Tamiya Brilliant Blue, Decals from glue kit snapper from ollie's. Ryan Blaney Menards car, Tamiya Floresent Yellow, Powerslide decals another snapper from ollie's. Did lower the front and rear Big shoutout to Mark J Thanx for ur pics to lower the snapper cars helped a bunch.
  15. Nice been waiting for those decals to come out. I think for color you could use any bright yellow. Im gonna use Tamiya yellow on mine.
  16. Since got everything done. Jr's first and last Cup starts. And the finish of the '88 Daytona 500.
  17. Yeah got pics of joey's car at the shop and on track. Totally cool looking car
  18. CRANMAN1

    Jr & Joey

    Got finished over the weekend
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