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  1. Yeah, I guess not. What I meant was that the car, with the exception of the added details, can be built with what's in the box. No suspension mods, no chopping/bodywork, no aftermarket engine parts, etc. I need to brush up on my modeller lingo lol
  2. Thanks for all the kind words guys, I really appreciate it! I have the welder on a separate circuit from the other lights, I just forgot to shut it off lol. That 54 Chevy is pretty rusty, though. It probably could use a patch here or there. The welder is a modified piece from the Fujimi Tools set, drilled out to accommodate two nano LED lights from Woodland Scenics, one bright white, one blue. They're both connected to a strobe circuit I purchased from eBay.
  3. Well, she's done! Check it out in the Under Glass section
  4. This one started out as the Revell 69 Nova SS. It's pretty much an out of box build with a few things added to jazz it up a bit. I build on a budget, so a lot of the detail parts are made from household items like solder, aluminum foil, etc. The list of mods includes: Beading supplies for the fuel lines and fitting, vacuum lines, and battery cables and overflow tube. Styrene rod fuel log Solder and styrene strip throttle linkage and return spring MAD Distributor Styrene strip for wire looms Solder for the brake lines Kanthal wire for the alternator wires The coil was moved from the intake man
  5. That's a cool little build. I love old rails, especially ones with oddball speed equipment. That four banger is right at home in there
  6. What a save! This car is P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Honestly, it's probably my favorite of the 32's I've seen.
  7. Awesome color on a beautiful build!
  8. Whoa, that's too cool! Awesome color, stance, bodywork, it has it all. I'm also in love with that aircleaner
  9. Absolutely gorgeous, what more can I say
  10. I can write a book on everything I like about this, but I'll be brief lol. It's awesome, I love it, thanks for sharing!
  11. Awesome job. I have respect for anyone that can make something of that kit, especially something that mean looking
  12. Tyler62990

    66 Nova PS

    Love the color. Nice build man
  13. Very cool build. I'm liking the grime under the hood and that suspension is awesome
  14. That's awesome man. That quarter and the outside setting really bring it to life. A++++ job!
  15. Thanks a lot guys. I shifted focus to my Nova project, but hopefully I'll get that finished tonight. Then I'll start really cracking on this one
  16. Thanks man. Next time you'll see it, it will be in the Under Glass section. All that's left is the decals and exterior parts.
  17. Not much progress has been made. I managed to get the BMF applied and windows in, but my ADD kicked in and I shifted focus to painting another project. I'm back in the saddle tonight trying to work out some problems with fitment between the chassis, interior and body. The mockup went great, so I don't know what the problem is. That's just how it goes, right?
  18. Thanks a lot guys. I'm hoping to get the engine together tonight or tomorrow. I'll be posting more pics if I pull it off.
  19. A group I'm a part of on Facebook (The New Modelers Club, check 'em out!) decided to do a 50's buildoff over the summer, and being a lover of all things 50's, I had to jump on it. I didn't want to go with the crowd and do a tri-five Chevy or Ford, so I chose a subject commonly ignored by the kustom car community... the 1953 Hudson Hornet. What I'm shooting for here is a mild kustom. I intend to keep it simple and tasteful. Here's the plan: 1. The trim will be kept to set it apart from the sea of 49 Mercs. 2. It'll be lowered, probably not slammed, but definitely lowered. 3. The top will remai
  20. Thanks guys. I get to do the foil tonight... yay lol. Even though I'm only doing the windshields, I'm still kinda sweating it a bit. Hopefully I can keep my hand steady
  21. So I got more work done last night and today. The chassis was assembled as was the interior. The master cylinder was plumbed and a hole drilled for the vacuum line from the booster to the carb. The alternator was wired along with the battery, which has been dressed up with some more printed images from Google. Pieces of heat shrink tubing with solder rings were used to simulate padding on the roll bar. I also got the body and interior temporarily fitted for the final mockup. I give it a few more days until she's done.
  22. Thanks guys. The main reason I use my dio for WIP pics isn't because it's a cool background, it's because it gives me the best lighting out of everything lol. I managed to make some more progress last night. I'll post spics later
  23. So I started working on this a couple weeks ago and figured I'd share my progress. The kit is the Revell 69 Nova SS. I decided to go with the drag version and make a pro street car out of it. So far this has been a really good kit to work with. Everything is well engineered and practically falls into place. Well, here's where I'm at: Being the cheapskate that I am, I try to scratch build as much as I can. I went with the 383 stroker version of the kits SBC. The dizzy is from MAD, and is one of the things I actually will buy. I hate drilling caps lol. The fuel log made from styrene rod, seed be
  24. Thanks for all the kind words guys! Much appreciated
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